Hard Wax Beads

Pain is the main reason people avoid using depilatory wax to remove hair. However, by melting the hard wax beans into hard wax, you can solve the problem. Using hard wax for waxing can reduce the pain tolerably. By adhering the hard wax to the hair, you can easily remove the hair in a short time and keep your skin soft for weeks.

Hard wax beads are a necessary tool for removing hair for both at-home and beauty institution waxing. In this guide, Auperwel will explain everything about hard wax beads from a wax manufacturer‘s point of view.

1. What is Hard Wax Beads?

Hard wax beads, or wax beads, are made of natural rosin, synthetic wax resins, and other ingredients. They can be melted into hard wax with a wax heater machine to remove body hair. Apply the hard wax to your skin, adhere it to the hair, and become a film as it cools. Then, you can pull off unwanted hair. Most importantly, the whole waxing process does not require any strip, and there is no pain.

By adding other ingredients, the factory can customize different hard wax bead formulas to meet clients’ requirements. For example, we can add some ingredients to simplify the pulling process and reduce skin strain. We can also add antiseptic properties to the wax formulation. We can add some ingredients, like rose extract and chamomile, to provide a more pleasing sensory experience.

Considering the price, hard wax beads often remove hair in sensitive areas, such as the face and bikini. However, you can also use them on larger areas like the underarms, legs, and back. Hard wax beads can be used on sensitive skin; you can use them multiple times in the same area, and they won’t hurt your skin.

Both estheticians and at-home waxing lovers prefer hard wax beads to remove the hair. Estheticians often use hard wax beads to provide pain-free waxing services for their clients. With the development of waxing technology, you can now easily use hard wax beads to wax at home.

2. Benefits of Hard Wax Beads

Hard wax beads are friendly tools for estheticians and at-home waxing lovers; once you’ve mastered the waxing technique, you can quickly and inexpensively remove your hair anywhere and anytime. Now wax beads are in high demand as they ensure a stress-free process and bring a new level of comfort to clients.

  • They have low melting points and provide mild handling.
  • Instead of sticking to the skin, they stick to the hair.
  • They cause less pain when peeled off the skin.
  • Although thicker in consistency, hard waxes are generally less prone to leaving a sticky residue.
  • Their results last 4 to 6 weeks, and the hair will start to thin after regular waxing.

3. Types of Hard Wax Beads

Hard wax beads are a simple waxing product, but according to different clients’ requirements, Auperwel divided them into different formulas, packaging, and sharps. Here are our main hard wax beads supply:

Total Body Depilatory Wax Beads

APW-100B1 Wax Beads

Capacity: 100 Gram (3.5 Oz) Per Bag
Packaging: 200 Bags per Carton
Ctn Size: 40x40x31cm, 21.5KG

European Waxing Beads

APW-300B1 Hard Beads

Capacity: 300 Gram (10.5 Oz) Per Bag
Packaging 50 Bags per Carton
Ctn Size: 40x40x31cm, 16KG

APW-500B1 Hard Wax Beads

Capacity: 500 Gram (1.1 Lb/ 17.5 Oz) Per Bag
Packaging: 30 Bags per Carton
Ctn Size: 40x40x31cm, 16 KG

Huge Refill Pearl Beads for Wax Warmers

APW-1000B1 Hard Beads

Capacity: 1000 Gram (2.2 LB) Per Bag
Packaging: 18 Bags per Carton
Ctn Size: 40x40x31cm, 20KG

Hot Wax Hair Remover Hard wax block

APW-500BL1 Hard Wax Block

Capacity: 500 Gram (1.1 Pound) Per Box
Packaging: 24 Boxes/Ctn, 16.5KG/Ctn
Ctn Size: 40X25X27c

APW-200PE1 Wax Beads

Capacity: 200 Gram (7 Ounce) Per Bottle
Packaging: 72 Bottles/Ctn
Ctn Size: 46.5x30x31.5cm, 16KG/Ctn

APW-400PE1 Wax Beads with Bottle

Capacity: 300 Gram (10.5 Ounce) Per Bottle
Packaging: 36 Bottles/Ctn, 14KG/Ctn
Ctn Size: 41x41x23cm

APW-1000B1 Hard Beads

Capacity: 200 Gram (7 Ounce) Per Bottle
Packaging: 36 Bottles/Ctn, 17KG/Ctn
Ctn Size: 41x41x23cm

If you want to start your waxing business, we can customize hard wax beads according to your requirements. Pls send your requirements to our email(info@auperwel.com), and our expert will contact you within 24 working hours.

4. How to Buy Hard Wax Beads

As a leading wax manufacturer in China, Auperwel offers 3 ways to sell our hard wax beads to wholesalers and retailers.

1) Wholesale Hard Wax Beads

Auperwel has 10,000 square meters of workshop and 6 high-tech wax production lines to manufacture hard wax beads for our wholesaler clients. We can produce 300 tons of hard wax beads per month. 

We have enough stock for our hard wax beads to support our wax wholesaler clients. To support our distributor, we have set up an overseas warehouse and can provide a dropshipping service to expand their business. 

With over 13 years of industrial experience, our waxing expert team can provide integrated wax bead solutions to professional salons and DYI personal at-home waxing. We provide different services to support big and small orders. If you just start your waxing business, no need worry, our low MOQ and professional advice will support you.

2) Custom Hard Wax Beads Service

Auperwel can provide a range of wax formulas to support our clients. We now have an existing hypoallergenic rosin-free wax formula, a Beauty Salon wax formula, and a DIY home-use wax formula. We can also customize formulations to suit specific body hair and skin types. Auperwel can customize the wax formula, including different ingredients, colors, melting points, hardening speeds, viscidity, flexibility, and fragrance.

Here are the steps we custom hard wax beads for our clients:

1) Determine Main Ingredients

The first step is determining the main ingredients for the hard wax beads, such as rosin or resin. Different ingredients have different consistencys and effectiveness of the wax; you need to follow a recipe or experiment with different ratios until you find the perfect formula. If you don’t know how to choose your main ingredients, the Auperwel expert team will give you our professional advice.

2) Custom Wax Bead formula

After determining the main ingredients, you need to claim the supplier that your formula demands. At this step, Aupwewel has some standard formulas for your reference, including additional ingredients, skin sensitivity, wax color, melting temperature, hardening speed, extensibility, viscosity, flexibility, and fragrance. You must determine your wax formula based on your market and client’s needs. It is not an easy job for newby because you need to try many times until you achieve the desired performance and results.

3) Test and Adjust Wax Beads

In the third step, you must test your wax beads to ensure they are safe and effective. Your wax manufacturer will need to manufacture a small batch of wax beads and send them to you for testing. After receiving the wax beads, you must test them on a small skin area. If the effect is not good, you must request the Auperwel factory to adjust the formula by adding or subtracting ingredients. Anyway, you need to find the right combination.

4) Brand & Design Packaging

After finishing the hard wax bead manufacturing, you may need custom packaging for your branding. Auperwel can provide packaging customization services, including logo silk print, color box, carton box, user manual, and other packaging materials.  We will select the most convenient, hygienic, and suitable packaging for your market strategy.

For the past 13 years, Auperwel has custom hard wax beads for many clients worldwide;

3) Buy Hard Wax on Amazon

If you love at-home waxing, you can shop in our Amazon shop directly. With an overseas warehouse, you will receive your goods in 2-5 days. 

Besides, if you want to buy our hard wax beads at your local place, you can contact our sales, and we will recommend our distributor shop.

5. How to Use Hard Wax Beads

Auperwel provides two methods to show you how to use hard wax beads to remove your hair, video guide and article guide:

1) Video Guide

If you want to know how to use hard wax beads to remove hair, you can watch the following video guide.

If you want to DIY your hair removal wax, you can watch the following DIY video guide.

2) Article Guide

We also wrote some articles introducing different ways to use hard wax beads to remove different areas of hair. Click the following articles to read:

6. Hard Wax Beads Selection

If you still don’t know if you can select hard wax beads as your hair removal way, you can read following guide to help you make your choice.

7. Hard Removal Guides

To help you make the choice, we wrote some guides to introduce different ways to remove the hair. After knowing all the ways for hair removal, I think you will know which way is right for you.

8. Conclusion

During the using of hard wax beads, you may meet some problems. In this condition, you can ask help for your supplier, they will help you. We hope this guide can help you, no matter for At home waxing or waxing at Beauty salon. We will keep updating the guide, if you want to know some guide but we don’t provide, you can contact us, we will update it soon.

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