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As a professional wax beads manufacturer with 10,000 square meters of workshop, Auperwel has 6 high-tech wax production lines, with a monthly output of 300 tons of wax beads production capability.  We supply high-quality wax beads for hair removal, we can provide integrated wax beads solutions to professional salons and DYI personal at-home waxing.

Our wax beads are typically made of natural rosin, synthetic wax resins, and other ingredients formulated to melt in a hot wax machine at a high temperature. Apply them to your skin, adhere to the hair, become a film as they cool, and you can pull off unwanted hairs. The whole process does not request any strip.

Our wax beads are easy to use for hair removal and can be used on sensitive body areas. Now, our wax beads wholesale service has severed many clients from both professional estheticians and at-home users.


Featured Wax Beads for Wholesale

Total Body Depilatory Wax Beads

APW-100B1 Wax Beads

  • Capacity: 100 Gram (3.5 Oz) Per Bag
  • Packaging 200 Bags per Carton,
  • Ctn Size: 40x40x31cm, 21.5KG
European Waxing Beads

APW-300B1 Hard Beads

  • Capacity: 300 Gram (10.5 Oz) Per Bag
  • Packaging 50 Bags per Carton
  • Ctn Size: 40x40x31cm, 16KG

APW-500B1 Hard Wax Beads

  • Capacity: 500 Gram (1.1 Lb/ 17.5 Oz) Per Bag
  • Packaging: 30 Bags per Carton,
  • Ctn Size: 40x40x31cm, 16 KG
Huge Refill Pearl Beads for Wax Warmers

APW-1000B1 Hard Beads

  • Capacity: 1000 Gram (2.2 LB) Per Bag
  • Packaging: 18 Bags per Carton,
  • Ctn Size: 40x40x31cm, 20KG
Hot Wax Hair Remover Hard wax block

APW-500BL1 Hard Wax Block

  • Capacity: 500 Gram (1.1 Pound) Per Box
  • Packaging: 24 Boxes/Ctn, 16.5KG/Ctn, 
  • Ctn Size: 40X25X27c

APW-200PE1 Wax Beads

  • Capacity: 200 Gram (7 Ounce) Per Bottle
  • Packaging: 72 Bottles/Ctn
  • Ctn Size: 46.5x30x31.5cm, 16KG/Ctn

APW-300PE1 Hard Wax Beads

  • Capacity: 300 Gram (10.5 Ounce) Per Bottle
  • Packaging: 36 Bottles/Ctn, 14KG/Ctn
  • Ctn Size: 41x41x23cm

APW-400PE1 Wax Beads with Bottle

  • Capacity: 200 Gram (7 Ounce) Per Bottle
  • Packaging: 36 Bottles/Ctn, 17KG/Ctn, 
  • Ctn Size: 41x41x23cm

One Stop Wax Beads Wholesale Service

Auperwel has done OEM services for many well-known brands in the past 13 years, we provide one-stop wax beads wholesale service for our clients.

Custom Waxing Solutions

Custom Wax Beads Solution

From concept to shipping, Auperwel provides one-stop wholesale wax beans and kits

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Custom Wax Beads Option

An overview of the features available for Auperwel wax beads


You should select the correct hard wax beads accoring to its ingredients, the scent, color , and any specific performance characteristics. Custom specification hard wax beads are support in Auperwel.


25g, 50g, 100g, 300g, 500g, 1000g in PP plastic bags, 200g, 300g, 400g in PET plastic bottle, jar.


100% nature ingredients, like Organ Rosin, or Hypo-allergenic synthetic polymer blend resin


Chamomile, Rose, Lavender, Strawberry, Tea Tree, Honey, Blackberry, Aloe Vera, Cream, Chacolate, Violet, Dark Green, Pearl, Coconut, Lemon, and custom formula


Our versatile wax beads are perfect for fine and coarse hair, providing a long-lasting grip and up to five weeks of hairless skin. Say goodbye to expensive salon visits.

Easy to Use

Our wax beads are not only strong enough to tackle thick hair, but also gentle and effective on soft hair. Perfect for your entire body: eyebrows, arms, legs, chest, face and Brazilian area etc.

High Success Rate

Experience a success rate of 85% to 99% without side effects, as the stripless wax grasps each strand, gently removing it from the root, resulting in slower regrowth for up to 3 weeks.


Auperwel offers comprehensive waxing solutions for both professional salon use and DIY at-home waxing. Our factory not only provides a range of wax formulas but also customizes formulations to suit specific body hair and skin types.

Suppling Ability

We have 10+ production lines to manufacture full ranges of wax, produce 300 Tons of waxes per month.

Customized Wax Formula

Besides of existing hypo-allergenic rosin-Free wax formula, Beauty Salon wax formula, DIY home use wax formula, we can customized wax formula as requirement, different ingredients, color, melting point, harden speed, viscidity, ductility and fragrance.

Steps to Buy Hard Wax Beads in Bulk

Determine Main Ingredients

After choosing your hard wax beads type, you need to determine the main ingredients to achieve the desired consistency and effectiveness of the wax, such as rosin or resin. This can be done by following a recipe or experimenting with different ratios until you find the perfect formula.

Custom Wax Beads formula

Clearly claim Auperwel wax beads supplier factory that your formula demand, which based on your market and clients' needs, including additional ingredients, skin sensitivity, wax color, melting temperature, hardening speed, extensibility, viscosity, ductibility, and fragrance until you achieve the desired performance and results.

Test and Adjust Wax Beads

Once you have custom your wax beads formula, you can start by making a small batch and testing it on a small area of skin to ensure it is safe and effective. If necessary, request Auperwel wax beads factory to adjust the formula by adding or subtracting ingredients until you find the right combination for your needs.

Brand & Design Packaging

Develop branding that reflects your brand identity, and appeals to your target market. This may include a logo silk print, color box, carton box, user manual, and other packaging materials. Select wax beads packaging that is convenient, hygienic, and suitable for your market strategy.

Wholesale Wax Beads FAQ

We are a wax factory in China, you are welcomed to vist us any time in your convenient.

  • Natural Formula – Created from natural Lavender ingredients
  • Nourish Skin – Lavender can balance essential oil secretion, conditioning, and nourishing skin.
  • Simple to use – Our wax beads melt quickly and are accomplished cleanly. Works great on all hair types.
  • Efficient and useful – Can remove above 95% of the hairs you would like to remove at one time.
  • Lasting Results – Pulls hair from the main which means lasting results.

From 7-15 days, it depends on your order quantity and wax formulas.

Yes, we accept OEM service. Just send your drawing file to our sales, we will do it.

Yes, of course. We can provide the most competitive price for our distributor and will not sell the same products to others in your area.

We can manufacture about 20 colors/flavors for hard wax beans, soft wax, and wax blocks, including Honey, Rose, Azulene/Chamomile, Lavender, Aloe, Strawberry, Tea Tree, Chocolate, Creme, Blackberry, Lemon, Dark Green, Violet, Banana, Pearl, Ocean, Orange, etc.

There are two reasons for this problem. First, you apply too thinly wax, it is not enough to remove the hair. Second, the wax has cooled down, because you let the wax on the skin too long time.

Solution: You need to re-apply a thick layer of wax, and wait about 20 seconds, don’t wait too long time, remember.

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