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    Wholesale Waxing Supplies FAQ

    We are a manufacturer specialized in Hard Wax Beans, Wax Warmer/Wax Heaters, Waxing Kit, Soft wax, Paraffin wax, Brazilian wax, Hot wax pallets, other hair removal waxing products.

    Please send us your purchase order by Email or WhatsApp, or you can ask us to send you a proforma invoice for your order. Then sign the PI, pay deposit, then we will arrange the waxing goods production. After finished hair removal wax production need you pay balance. Finally we will ship the Goods of waxes.

    From 7-15 days, depends different product and waxes formula, for example hard wax, soft wax, wax warmers, bikini wax, face wax, and on your order quantity.

    Yes, We can custom your logo on our products and package for waxing machine, hard wax, soft wax and paraffin wax.

    We have strict quality control system, in order to ensure the quality of our products, all the finished hair remover waxing products should be checked and tested before packing.

    By T/T, 30% deposit in advance, balance 70% before shipment for hair removal waxes and wax heaters.

    Sure, please contact sales or send inquiry for all kind of hair remover wax sample request.

    Yes, of course, we need many agents all over the world; we can give you the most competitive price and will not sell the same products to others in your area if you become our agent of hair removal wax products.

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      How to Select Shave or Wax?


      We all know how annoying it can be to deal with unwanted body hair. Sometimes people choose treatments that are just as uncomfortable, leaving behind itching that’s hard to ignore. Professional wax is one of the most popular options for solving this problem.

      Shaving is another method that has remained popular over the years, probably because it’s cheap. Homemade waxes are also common, but most people turn to shaving when they don’t have time to schedule a wax appointment. Knowing how popular these two options are, let’s see which is better once and for all.

      1. Shaving vs Waxing – Which Is Better?

      Waxing and shaving follow very different approaches. The former allows the wax to cool on the skin to rip the hair from the follicle, while the latter uses a razor to scrape the visible hair along the skin. Comparing the two, we can see that each is reserved for very specific purposes.

      For most people, hair removal is the method of choice for sensitive areas like the armpits and bikini area. Facial waxes are also popular because there is no risk of thickening hair after each session. Both epilation and shaving are popular options when it comes to less sensitive areas of the body like arms and legs.

      Both can remove body hair from large areas of skin in a short amount of time and with little to no risk. Regardless of one’s preferences, there is a particular problem that can tip the scales in a particular direction.

      2. How Fast Does Hair Grow Back?

      As we mentioned before, waxing rips the hair from the root, exposing the follicle and prolonging the time before the hair grows long enough to be visible. This has the added benefit that all hairs in an area begin to follow the same regrowth cycle, making it easier to plan future hair removal treatments.

      Because waxing thins the hair and slows its growth rate, it usually takes 3 to 6 weeks for the hair to fully grow back. Shaving is a convenient method that anyone can try in the comfort of their own home, so as long as your hair grows long enough, you can shave however you want.

      The downside is the interruption of the hair regrowth cycle. When you shave, you’re cutting a section of hair, not pulling it out of the follicle. This is why the hair begins to thicken, usually a week after shaving, if not less. There’s no denying that shaving is more accessible, a perk that anyone with a tight schedule can enjoy. For example, I have a friend who is a floor lamp manufacturer. She is so busy at work that she doesn’t have time to go to a beauty salon for waxing. So, to save time, she chose to shave herself at home. It’s faster than waxing.

      They can incorporate a quick shave into their hygiene routine without taking time for other activities. Still, you’ll need to shave almost every week, and when the hairs get thicker and more noticeable, it can make the shaving process even more of a hassle. Other factors people consider before choosing a hair removal method are:

      • Pain and comfort: Wax therapy can be painful. It all depends on the part of the body and the person’s pain tolerance, but they are never completely pain-free. After the first wax, the process becomes more bearable and the beautician will make sure to create a comfortable environment where the client can relax.

      There are also waxes specially formulated to provide gentle care for sensitive areas. Shaving involves a mostly painless process. People may break their skin the first few times they use a razor, but it’s not difficult to get the hang of shaving different body parts. This is one of the main reasons some people prefer to shave weekly rather than subject their skin to the brief discomfort of waxing.

      • Side effects: Each method affects the skin in different ways. In both cases, residual itching can last for hours after epilation, but there are lotions that can help soothe the skin more quickly. After waxing, the itchiness stems from its mild exfoliating properties, which leave the hair follicles exposed after plucking; when shaving, it’s because the razor passes through the skin as it shaves.

      Depending on the sensitivity of the skin, blood spots may also appear, especially in areas where the skin is naturally thinner. Ingrown hairs are more common when shaving but can also occur when the hair is not evenly waxed.

      • Skin Care Pros and Cons: Having covered the immediate side effects, let’s look at what happens to the skin after following a regular hair removal routine.
        You can shave without putting too much pressure on the skin, so injuries/marks are only an exception if you use a new razor.

      However, shaving regularly can dry out your skin and make it rougher to the touch. This is understandable since one has to shave often and the hair grows back very quickly.

      You can reduce the amount of waxing to avoid stressing the skin. Plus, the professional wax formula is enriched with nourishing properties to help maintain a velvety texture and healthy appearance.

      All in all, waxing is a better long-term solution and is gentler on the skin, but you should still leave this process to a professional beautician, especially when it comes to Brazilian waxes and other hard-to-reach body parts on your own. A professional waxing service will provide you with a good experience and the best waxing formula in the market to protect your skin from injury or infection.

      You can manage unwanted body hair while taking care of your client’s skin. We offer the most unique wax formulations to treat every area of ​​the body. Estheticians know our products and accessories are second to none and the results speak for themselves.

      To learn about all the possibilities we offer with our wax formulations, please call toll-free or fill out the contact form on our website. Get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox by signing up for our newsletter. Please let us know if you found this article helpful in the comments section.

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