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      How to Remove Armpit Hair

      How to Remove Armpit Hair


      It’s normal for hair to grow in your armpits because it naturally prevents sweat and bacteria from coming into contact with your skin. However, having hair under your arms can make you very uncomfortable. This limits your movement and clothing choices, preventing you from feeling and looking your best. Fortunately, there are several skin treatments that can remove unwanted armpit hair. This article will give you information on several underarm hair removal treatments you may need (from a longevity, cost, and pain perspective). Read on to learn more.

      1. What is armpit hair?

      Armpit hair is hair that naturally occurs in the underarms (also called armpits). This type of hair, also known as armpit hair, can sometimes be thick, coarse, and curly, but can also be fine and fine, often matching the color of the hair on your head. Armpit hair usually begins growing around puberty, ends during the teenage years, and remains there into adulthood.

      While the exact function of armpit hair is unknown, the theory is that the growth of armpit hair helps wick away moisture and prevent the growth of bacteria on the skin, as the armpits have prominent sweat glands that can promote the growth of harmful bacteria.

      Remove Armpit Hair

      2. Why do people remove armpit hair?

      Although armpit hair is completely natural, some people consider its appearance unsightly and remove it purely for aesthetic reasons, especially during the summer when short-sleeved and sleeveless clothing may reveal armpit hair. For example, I have a friend who is a pillow supplier. She loves to wear skirts when meeting clients, especially sleeveless dresses. So she regularly removes her armpit hair during the summer to keep it clean.

      Additionally, some athletes, including swimmers, remove most of their body hair, including armpit hair, to help improve performance and speed. In some cultures, such as Islam, armpit hair is removed for cleanliness reasons.

      3. What are the different types of hair?

      There are two different types of hair that grow on different parts of the body. The first type of hair, vellus hair, is soft, fine, and short. In women, this type of hair is common on the chest, face, and back and helps provide some insulation to the body to promote the maintenance of a stable body temperature. Although vellus hair is usually very fine, some people may have it darker and more noticeable.

      The second type of hair, called terminal hair, is thicker, longer, and darker than vellus hair. This type of hair grows on your head, public areas, and underarms. In men, this type of hair can also appear on the upper body, including the chest, abdomen, and back.
      Some people may experience what’s called hirsutism, which is excessive hair growth. In women, this often results in deeper hair growth on the chest, stomach, and back.

      4. How to remove armpit hair

      Here are a few ways to get rid of armpit hair.

      1) Shaving

      1. Wet your armpits with warm water. The shaving process will be smoother if your skin is soft and warm. Before you begin, either shave in the shower or wet your armpits with warm water.

      • If you’re prone to ingrown hairs, you can also use a body scrub to exfoliate your skin.

      Tip: If you have sensitive skin, do this procedure at night to give your skin a chance to rest overnight.

      2. Raise your arms above your head. Hold it high above your head, making sure the skin under your arms is nice and taut. This will prevent you from getting cuts or razor burns.

      3. Apply some shaving cream or body wash. Cover all hair with a product that will help the razor pass smoothly across your skin. If you don’t use shaving cream or body wash, you may end up with razor burn, so don’t skip this important step.

      Tip: You can use regular soap, shampoo, or conditioner if necessary. Lather them before use.

      4. Use a new, sharp razor. There is more than one drawback to using a dull or rusty razor. You won’t be able to get a thorough shave, you’ll be more likely to get nicked, and you may even develop ingrown hairs or infections. Make sure the shaver is in good condition.

      Keep in mind that bacteria can spread more easily on blades, especially if you don’t change them frequently.

      5. Shave hair against the direction of hair growth. Underarm hair growth is slightly different for everyone. Your plants may all grow in one direction, or they may sprout in many different directions. Try to shave against the direction of growth for a cleaner shave. Carefully shave off the hair, moistening the razor between shaves if necessary.

      6. Rinse the armpit and repeat on the other side. Wash off any excess shaving cream and check your underarms to make sure the hair has been removed. Touch up if necessary and repeat the process on the other side.

      7. Wait an hour or two before applying deodorant. Shaving may leave tiny scratches on your skin, so give them a chance to heal before using products. Deodorant may sting or cause a rash if applied immediately.


      2) Use hair removal cream

      1. Choose a cream suitable for sensitive areas. Hair removal creams have many benefits. Some formulas are suitable for sensitive areas like the face and armpits, while others are designed to remove thick leg hair. Start with a cream for sensitive areas; if it doesn’t work, you can try something extra strong later.

      • Using a cream that is too strong for your skin may cause a rash.
      • When in doubt, choose a product that’s right for your face.
      • Hair removal cream dissolves armpit hair at the skin level. The process is very similar to shaving!

      2. Wash your armpits first. Rinse off deodorant and sweat so the cream can be applied to freshly washed skin. Dry your armpits with a towel.

      3. Raise your arms above your head. Make sure the skin is pulled taut. Find a comfortable position that you can hold for a few minutes, as you will want to keep your arms upright the entire time you are applying the cream.

      4. Apply the cream to areas with hair. Try not to apply it to exposed skin around your hair. Use only the amount needed to cover your hair.

      5. Wait for the recommended time. Keep your arms elevated and let the cream do its work. Most creams recommend waiting three to ten minutes for the chemicals to dissolve your hair. Do not leave the cream on the skin longer than recommended.

      • The cream may sting a little, but it won’t burn or hurt. If it hurts, wash it off.

      Tip: If this is your first time using hair removal cream, rinse it off after one minute to make sure it doesn’t cause an allergic reaction; watch for redness, itching, and bumps. If your skin looks fine, reapply.

      6. Rinse the armpit and repeat on the other side. Follow the same process, apply the cream to your hair, and let it work for the recommended time. Rinse when finished.

      7. Wait a few hours before applying deodorant. This gives your skin time to heal after treatment and reduces the chance of deodorant irritating your armpits.

      3) Waxing

      1. Make sure armpit hair is between 1/4 and 1  ⁄  2 inches (1.3 cm) long. This is the easiest length to manage when waxing. If your hair is shorter, the wax won’t be able to grab it. Over time, it can become confusing and unmanageable. If necessary, wait a few more days to allow it to grow or trim armpit hair to the correct length.

      • The two weeks your hair is growing is the best time to wax.

      2. Get your waxing kit ready. Any type of body wax works well to remove armpit hair. Most kits come with a jar of wax that needs to be heated in a microwave or a special wax warmer. The kit also comes with an applicator and cloth strip for removing hardened wax.

      • Heat the wax according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

      Tip:  Ensure that the wax is not too hot by testing it on the back of your hand.

      3. Exfoliate and cleanse your armpits. Use a body scrub or loofah to remove dead skin and dirt, then rinse your armpits. As a result, waxing will be easier and infections will be prevented.

      4. Sprinkle baby powder on your armpits. The powder dries out your armpits and prevents the wax from sticking to your skin when you take it off. Turning on a fan or opening a window during this process can also help keep your armpits dry.

      5. Raise your arms above your head. Lift it all the way up so that the skin under your arms is taut. This will help the hair fall out more easily and make the entire process as painless as possible.

      6. Apply wax and wax strips. Dip the applicator into the wax and apply a small amount to armpit hair in the direction of hair growth. Place the strip of cloth over the wax and press gently.

      7. Pull off the tape against the direction of growth. Be quick, like ripping off a Band-Aid. If you move too slowly, the wax won’t pull out the armpit hair cleanly. It will also hurt more if you walk slowly.

      • If you have trouble pulling it off, your skin may not be tight. Try bending your elbow and pulling the skin taut with your fingers while pulling the tape off with your other hand.
      • You may also sweat, causing your armpits to become damp. Try turning on a fan to cool down.

      8. Repeat until the hair is gone. Depending on how much hair you have, it may take two to three applications of wax per armpit to get the job done. Complete the first armpit, then continue with the second armpit. Once you’re done, you can use tweezers to pull out any stray hairs.

      9. Use almond oil or another lubricant to condition your armpits. This will soothe your armpits and help remove excess wax that clings to the skin.

      10. Wait a few hours before applying deodorant. Your skin may feel irritated if applied immediately. Wait at least a few hours before using any product.


      4) Use an epilator

      1. Make sure your armpit hair is only a few millimeters long. This is the easiest length to manage when using an epilator. If it is longer, it may become tangled and difficult to manage in the epilator device. It may be helpful to shave your armpits one to two days before hair removal to ensure that your hair is the right length to start with.

      2. Sprinkle baby powder on your armpits. An epilator is a small machine with a rotating head that pulls out hair. Like waxing, the results can last for weeks, but the process can be a bit painful. Sprinkle baby powder on your armpits and make sure they are completely dry.

      Tip: This helps ensure your skin doesn’t get caught in the machine.

      3. Raise your arms above your head. Lift it up so that the skin under your arms is very tight. If your skin is wrinkled, it may get caught in the epilator.

      4. Turn the epilator to the low setting. Using lower settings first will help you get used to the feeling of your hair being pulled.

      5. Gently rub underarms to remove a layer of hair. Start by holding it slightly away from the surface of the skin. You will feel a sensation similar to that when waxing as the hair is pulled. Soon you’ll get used to the feeling of your hair being pulled, and you’ll be ready to move on to the next step.

      6. Set the epilator to a higher setting and hold it close to your skin. Now you can get all the stray hairs that didn’t fall out the first time. Keep your skin taut and get the job done on higher settings.

      7. Repeat on the other side. Start with lower settings first, then move to higher settings. Continue until your armpits are completely hair-free.

      8. Use aloe vera or witch hazel to soothe your skin. Your armpits will feel red and inflamed, so soothe them with aloe vera immediately after you’re done.

      9. Wait a few hours before applying deodorant. Applying immediately may sting or cause a rash, so wait at least a few hours.

      5) Perform electrolysis

      1. Go to the salon for consultation. If you are interested in electrolysis, it is important to go to a reputable salon. Get an initial consultation so you understand the process and develop a plan.

      • Electrolysis involves destroying individual hair follicles with chemical or thermal energy to achieve permanent hair removal.

      NOTE: Make sure the salon uses needle electrolysis, which is the only permanent way to remove hair.

      2. Attend your first hair removal session. Treatment will last from fifteen minutes to one hour. While some people find the process relaxing, others find it uncomfortable. Depending on the amount of hair you have, you may need to return for further treatments.

      3. Care for your armpits as directed. Your skin will be red and swollen after the treatment, so you’ll need to be gentle with it. Use aloe vera or other ointments recommended by the salon you go to.

      Remove Armpit Hair

      6) Pluck armpit hair

      Underarm hair removal refers to the removal of armpit hair from the pore level. This means hair will grow much more slowly, but this can be painful and unavoidable for most people. However, this method does not permanently remove armpit hair.

      To make armpit hair removal the right way to remove armpit hair at home, doctors often recommend plucking hair in the direction of hair growth to prevent breakage and irritation of hair follicles. On the other hand, before plucking, make sure to wash the tweezers you’ll be using thoroughly to limit contact with dirt and bacteria that can easily get into the skin scratches caused by plucking.

      7)IPL hair removal

      IPL (intense pulsed light) hair removal is similar to laser hair removal, but it uses broad-spectrum light instead of lasers. You can perform IPL hair removal at home or consult a professional. In comparison to laser hair removal, this method is less expensive, but it may require more sessions to see the desired results. As with laser hair removal, it is important to avoid sunlight after IPL hair removal.

      Here are some of the advantages of using IPL hair removal equipment.

      • Faster results: gives you results in a fraction of the time the best part? No irritation or ingrown hairs. It doesn’t matter as long as the skin is smooth.
      • FDA Approved:  As an FDA-approved product, you can rest assured that you are using a safe device.
      • Five Settings: Not only removes armpit hair but also bikini lines, face, arms, and legs.
      • Long-lasting:  You can get up to 1 million pulses with it, which means you can use it for years.

      There are many options for choosing IPL hair removal such as customization, affordability, and minimal discomfort.

      5. Armpit hair removal tips

      As you can see, there are several methods to choose from. However, to avoid physical injury and make the process more effective, you can use the following tips.

      1) Clean your armpits

      The armpit area should be cleaned before using any hair removal method. This will help remove any dirt, oil, or sweat that may interfere with the hair removal process.

      2) Avoid excessive sweating

      As you might expect, sweating can make it difficult to remove armpit hair. Therefore, it is best to avoid excessive sweating before undertaking any hair removal method.

      3) Apply moisturizer

      After using any hair removal method, it’s important to use a moisturizer to prevent dryness and itching.

      4) Exfoliation

      Exfoliating your skin before and after hair removal can help prevent ingrown hairs.

      5) Avoid using irritating products

      After any hair removal method, it’s best to avoid products that can irritate your skin, such as deodorants or perfumes.

      6) Be patient

      Some hair removal methods, such as laser hair removal and electrolysis, require multiple treatments to achieve the desired results. Be patient and stick with the process for best results.

      Remove Armpit Hair

      6. Conclusion

      The above are the seven methods we have compiled for you to remove armpit hair. With these types of hair removal treatments, you can eliminate any unwanted armpit hair. This gives you the confidence to dress and do whatever you want without having to worry about how you look.

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