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      Top 13 Paraffin Wax Bath In 2023


      Treat skin-related problems with the best paraffin bath in the comfort of your home. Wax bath therapy is recommended to treat certain skin conditions. It also has therapeutic properties and helps relieve arthritis pain, joint pain, and more. So if you’ve been thinking about trying a paraffin bath to relieve daily pain or heal dry, chapped hands and feet, you’ve come to the right place. Digging deeper into this article, we bring you a list of paraffin baths worth investing in.

      1. How does a paraffin bath work?

      Wax baths work as thermal therapy, or thermotherapy, which uses the transfer of heat to heal the affected area. Paraffin wax has a high thermal insulation capacity and is used as a medium for transferring heat. Wax absorbs and retains a large amount of heat as it melts and transfers it to the affected area as it solidifies. Once your hand or foot is dipped into the melted wax and removed, the liquid wax converts into a thin solid layer, during which time heat is transferred to the core of the affected area. It does not cause any burns as the wax is cooler and applied to the skin at low temperatures.

      Gabrielle Richens, a London-based skin therapist and clean beauty blogger, says: “A paraffin bath may feel like a big investment, but you’ll save a lot of money in the long run because it’s relatively cheaper than spa treatments. Use it regularly and you can soften calluses and relieve foot and joint pain.”

      Paraffin Wax Bath

      2. 13 Best Paraffin Baths for Soft and Healthy Skin

      Here are 13 paraffin baths worth your choice.

      1) HoMedics ParaSpa paraffin bath

      Say goodbye to expensive spa wax treatments with a HoMedics ParaSpa paraffin bath that not only softens your hands, feet, and elbows but also relieves joint pain. The wax bath features a cool-touch tub with a locking lid that prevents hot wax from spilling, allowing you to easily apply paraffin for pain relief.

      Product Dimensions: 11.97 x 9.25 x 6.18 inches |  Weight: 6.31 lbs.


      • Suitable for dry and cracked skin, leaving skin smooth and silky
      • Wax buckets can be used anytime, anywhere
      • Provides soothing heat, relieves pain, and improves blood circulation
      • LED indicator shows wax melt status
      • Includes 3 pounds of hypoallergenic wax and 20 hand liners


      • Heating control settings are not available
      • Melting paraffin wax can take a long time
      • For home use only

      2) Revlon Moisturizing Paraffin Bath

      For a salon-like wax bath treatment at home, use Revlon Moisturestay Paraffin Bath, a great way to achieve beautiful, healthy-looking skin. Use it on your hands, elbows or feet to experience the healing and moisturizing properties of hot paraffin.

      Product Dimensions : 15″L x 10″W x 9.5″H | Color : White and Pink | Material : Plastic | Weight : 7.2 lbs


      • Effectively treats dull and dry skin and relieves joint stiffness and pain
      • Adjustable heat settings
      • Green and red light indicators
      • Comes with a lid for safe storage
      • Kit includes rain-scented wax, 30 glove liners, and two warm gloves


      • The wax may take about an hour to melt
      • This may cause some leakage issues

      Please note: Avoid using paraffin devices if you have open wounds, diabetes, or poor circulation.

      Revlon Moisturizing Paraffin Bath

      3) Conair Hot Paraffin Bath Moisturizing System

      Conair’s paraffin machine comes in a compact and portable pink tub with a lid. This professional-grade paraffin bath claims to rejuvenate skin with a relaxing hot paraffin treatment and further helps to deeply exfoliate dry skin, leaving it smooth and soft.

      Product Dimensions: 11 x 6.5 x 4.1 inches |  Weight : 3 lbs.


      • Heat treatment treats dry and rough skin on hands, feet and elbows
      • Reduce signs of aging like wrinkles, cellulite, and sun damage, leaving you with radiant, healthy-looking skin
      • Comes with 1 pound of odorless paraffin
      • Fits any countertop in any bathroom


      • Wax has no temperature control setting
      • Paraffin wax can take a long time to melt

      4) Salon Miscellaneous Portable Electric Heated Paraffin Wax Warm Spa Tub

      It is a professional quality wax warmer designed for commercial and home use. Featuring a low-profile composite frame exterior and metal interior, this professional-grade wellness machine features a large, open design that fits even large feet and hands. Temperature control feature allows for preferred heat setting and fast wax melting.

      Product Dimensions : 14.75 x 9.2 x 7.75 inches |  Weight : 0.01 oz


      • High-quality machine for smooth, soft, moisturized skin
      • Digital temperature display for precise heat control
      • Features a composite grill located at the bottom of the tub to protect hands and feet from heated surfaces
      • Integrated handle for easy and safe carrying
      • Transparent lid monitors wax melting
      • Easy to clean


      • The instructions may not be clear

      Salon Miscellaneou Wax Warm Spa Tub

      5) Therabath professional thermal paraffin bath

      If you are looking for a deep immersion paraffin bath that can be used on different areas such as arms, feet, body, and face, then Therabath Thermal Paraffin Bath is the right choice for you. The wax bath is made in the USA and comes with a lightweight anodized aluminum tank, safety grill, and lid.

      Product Dimensions: 14.38 x 7.75 x 8.13 inches |  Weight: 11.51 lbs.


      • Can be used therapeutically, cosmetically, and in aromatherapy – arthritis treatment, muscle stiffness relief, dry and chapped skin
      • Hand-assembled wax bath unit
      • Operate within a safe temperature range
      • Paraffin wax is soft and elastic
      • Wax is available in 12 different scents


      • No adjustable heat settings
      • Wax can take a long time to melt

      6) Ejiubas paraffin heater

      The Ejiubas Paraffin Warmer features a stylish exterior and durable interior, with a large open design large enough for full immersion of feet, hands, or elbows. The wax bath has two temperature settings to quickly melt wax in as little as 20 minutes.

      Packaging Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 12.4 x 10.55 x 6.46 inches |  Weight : 5.62 lbs


      • Can be used to relieve daily stress and pain and treat dry and cracked skin
      • Comes with a composite grill that can be placed at the bottom of the tub to protect your skin from heated surfaces
      • Easy to use at home
      • Paraffin melts evenly and quickly
      • Wax can be reused up to four times
      • Kit contains a wax bucket, a silicone spatula, two-foot oven mitts, two hand oven mitts, five packs of paraffin wax, a thermometer, and hand and foot glove liners


      • Warm setting without wax
      • Additional wax may be needed to fill the tub
      • A bit expensive

      Ejiubas paraffin heater

      7) Lavany paraffin heater

      The Lavany Paraffin Warmer is a smart wax bath made with the latest technology. Place the required amount of wax into the tub and the wax warmer will set the heating time accordingly. You will hear a beep once the wax is ready to use. It comes with a built-in NTC thermistor and fuse to prevent overheating and short-circuiting.


      • Intelligently detects the wax amount and adjusts the heating temperature
      • Fully automatic operation
      • In just 30 minutes, it melts 1.8 pounds of wax
      • Warm mode keeps wax liquid until use
      • Heat settings adjustable from 127 to 143° F
      • The timer can be set between 20 and 180 minutes
      • Easy to clean and maintain
      • The transparent cover allows for checking the wax status
      • digital temperature display


      • Not suitable for big feet

      8) Lavany paraffin machine

      The Lavany Paraffin Maker (regular) has a large opening with a capacity of 2000 ml, providing ample room for feet, elbows, and hands. Provides temperature regulation and heat preservation functions. The waxing machine comes with 4 paraffin bags (200g each), two insulated gloves, a brush, 50 glove liners, and an insulated grid.

      Hair Type: Dry|  Item Weight: 5.19 lbs


      • Hydrates and exfoliates dry, cracked, or chapped skin, leaving it smooth and soft
      • Also used to relieve pain and swelling
      • Different temperature settings between 131°F to 158°F
      • Melted wax can be kept liquid through the heat preservation function
      • Paraffin wax is enriched with rose essence and provides a relaxing effect after use
      • It takes just 20 minutes to melt two pounds of wax


      • May not be very durable

      Lavany paraffin machine

      9) K-Salon paraffin machine

      K-Salon’s paraffin machine comes with a white wax bucket that’s roomy enough to dip your hands and feet into. This device has two different temperature settings that melt wax quickly and provide even heating. The machine has a built-in thermistor and fuse to protect against overheating and short circuits.

      Packaging Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 12.09 x 10.87 x 7.6 inches |  Weight : 6.79 lbs


      • Relieves pain and swelling while leaving arms and legs smooth and soft
      • Fast heating and safe operation
      • Large capacity and convenient design
      • Also includes insulated gloves, 200-foot and hand pads, an insulated grid, a spatula, and a brush


      • The machine does not contain wax
      • No heating function

      10) Relassy paraffin machine

      Relassy’s paraffin machines feature digital displays, adjustable temperature settings, premium build materials, and safe designs. Wax baths are wide enough to accommodate large hands, feet, elbows, etc.

      Packaging Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 13.32 x 10.25 x 6.55 inches |  Weight : 5.35 lbs


      • An at-home spa for fatigue relief and smooth skin
      • Provides fast and even heating
      • Built-in thermistor and fuse for safety
      • Accessories include two peach paraffin bags, one pound each, two warm gloves and boots, 50 glove liners, a heat regulating grid, and an applicator brush.


      • May require more wax than other machines
      • Wax is only available in a single fragrance

      Relassy paraffin machine

      11) Kolem paraffin machine

      Kolem’s paraffin machine features a stylish appearance and a durable aluminum body with digital LEDs and variable temperature settings. The wax bucket holds three liters of wax, so it can accommodate large feet and hands.

      Packaging Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 15.63 x 8.9 x 6.57 inches |  Weight : 5.78 lbs


      • Fast heating, real-time monitoring, saving time
      • Large-volume wax bath leaves skin soft, moisturized, and healthy
      • Also relieves joint pain and arthritis pain
      • Includes a pack of unscented paraffin and an insulating grid


      • Does not come with padding or thermal gloves
      • The wax included in the package may not be enough

      12) Anyork paraffin machine

      Anyork’s paraffin machines combine high performance with convenient design, making them suitable for both professional and home wax treatments. Featuring a stylish composite exterior frame and metal interior, this professional-grade device features a large, open design to accommodate larger feet, hands, or elbows.

      Packaging Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 17.8 x 12.5 x 9.2 inches |  Weight : 7.4 lbs


      • Can be used therapeutically and cosmetically
      • Improve blood flow and relieve pain
      • Promotes nutrient absorption, protects damaged skin, and heals cracked, dry, rough, and stressed skin
      • In just 30 minutes, it melts two pounds of wax
      • Also features variable temperature control settings
      • Composite grill protects heated surfaces
      • Easy operation and maintenance


      • Contains only two pounds of wax

      13) OldPapa Paraffin Warmer

      OldPAPA’s Paraffin Wax Warmer is a professional-grade electric wax warmer made with a slim composite exterior and a durable metal interior. It has a large opening, making paraffin foot treatment easier and more comfortable. Additionally, the heater offers different temperature settings to melt wax quickly.

      Packaging Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 12.91 x 10.87 x 7.56 inches |  Weight : 2.69 lbs


      • Comfortable temperature setting between 113°F to 140°F melts wax evenly
      • In just 20 minutes, two pounds of wax are melted at maximum temperature
      • Wax can be reused up to four times
      • Large 2.8L wax bucket capacity to comfortably soak big feet and arms
      • Comes with a shield to protect the skin from hot surfaces
      • Make dry, chapped, rough skin soft, shiny and healthy
      • Helps improve blood circulation and helps relieve pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, trigger finger, and more.


      • Wax and accessories must be purchased separately
      • No preheating function

      OldPapa Paraffin Warmer

      3. How to use a home paraffin bath?

      Most paraffin cleaning machines come with almost similar equipment and the same procedures need to be followed. Listed below is a step-by-step guide to using a wax warmer at home.

      • Unpack the wax machine and place it on a flat surface.
      • Open the lid, put enough paraffin into the tub, and close the lid.
      • Connect the device to the power source, switch it to the highest temperature, and turn it on.
      • Once the wax is completely melted, switch the device to the heating mode or turn it off and place the safety grid into the tub.
      • Test the temperature of the wax with a thermometer, or use a brush or spatula to apply a thin layer to the skin.
      • If you find that the wax is too hot, wait 10-15 minutes until the temperature drops slightly.
      • Once the wax reaches the desired temperature, it’s ready for the process.
      • Before starting the procedure, be sure to clean and dry the treatment area.
      • Apply an even layer of wax to the desired area with a brush or spatula and let dry.
      • Once the wax is dry, slowly dip the area into the melted wax and hold it there for 20 to 30 seconds.
      • Gently remove your hands or feet from the tub and allow the wax to set on your hands, feet, or elbows before dipping again.
      • Once done, cover the wax-coated area with the liner and place it into an oven mitt for better insulation for 10 to 20 minutes.
      • Remove the gloves and liner and peel off the wax.
      • Finally, massage the area with oil.

      1) Safety precautions to follow when using a wax bath

      Here are some safety precautions to follow to make your paraffin bath regimen safer.

      • Do not open the device without paraffin.
      • The temperature of the wax must be tested before use, especially for sensitive skin.
      • Do not touch the wax with your hands or any other objects while it melts.
      • Before your paraffin treatment, remove jewelry and other accessories from your hands and feet.
      • Keep the lid of the wax bucket closed while the wax is melting and when the device is not in use.
      • Test a small amount of wax on the inside of your wrist to test the temperature.
      • If you find that the wax is very hot, lower the temperature setting or turn off the device and wait 10-15 minutes before using it again.
      • Never touch the bottom or sides of the wax bath while submerging your arms and feet.
      • Do not use this procedure on open wounds and wounds, areas with inflammatory skin disease, other vascular disease, or any other skin disease.
      • Do not drip water or any other liquid into the wax bath.
      • Do not use the machine in restrooms and showers.
      • Never leave the product unattended while connected to the power source.
      • Do not use near children.
      • If you notice any irritation or discomfort after the first use, discontinue the use of the product.

      wax bath

      4. Purpose of paraffin bath

      Paraffin baths have therapeutic and cosmetic benefits.

      1) Beauty effect

      • Removes dull and dry surfaces of skin
      • Provides relief from dry, chapped, scaly, scarred, and rough skin
      • Leaves skin smooth and soft by deeply penetrating moisture
      • Promotes healthy and youthful skin by opening pores to promote nutrient absorption
      • Protects damaged skin by creating a seal around the treatment area

      2) Therapeutic effect

      • Stimulates blood flow to relieve chronic pain such as arthritic joint pain as well as everyday aches and pains
      • It relieves inflammation and muscle pain and reduces muscle stiffness.
      • Increase the range of motion of stiff joints
      • Soothes tired and overworked hands and feet

      5. How to choose a suitable paraffin bath?

      Well, if you have decided to buy a wax warmer after knowing the various benefits of wax baths, here are a few things to consider while buying a wax bath machine.

      • Capacity: Not everyone’s feet and hands are the same size. So, depending on your size, you need to choose the capacity of your wax bath. Check the dimensions of the tub to make sure it fits your hands and feet.
      • Heat settings: Unless it’s automatic, a wax warmer should have adjustable heat settings to adjust the temperature of the wax based on your skin sensitivity.
      • Heating and Warm Mode: While not every wax bath has heat and warm settings, it is preferable to have a wax bath with a warm mode feature so that the melted wax remains liquid before use.
      • Wax and accessories: Pay attention to the accessories that come with your insulation kit. Choose a machine that provides all the necessary equipment (like pads, gloves, brushes, spatulas, etc.) to get the most out of your purchase. Check the amount of wax that comes with the machine as well. Making sure the manufacturer provides enough wax to soak your feet or arms is key to getting the best deal.
      • Wax Scent: If you’re picky about the smell of your wax, make sure the product is available in a variety of scents. Otherwise, it should at least contain scented wax that you like. If you don’t have either, choose unscented wax.
      • Wax Melt Time: This is related to the highest temperature setting available on the device. The higher the maximum heat, the shorter the time required to melt the wax, and vice versa.

      paraffin bath

      6. Frequently asked questions

      Here are answers to frequently asked questions about paraffin baths.

      1) What are the benefits of a paraffin wax machine?

      There are several benefits to using a paraffin wax machine. It acts as a form of heat therapy to promote increased blood flow, muscle relaxation, and reduced joint stiffness. Paraffin wax can also help reduce muscle spasms, and inflammation, and treat sprains.

      2) What are the disadvantages of paraffin therapy?

      Paraffin wax treatments are generally safe, but precautions should be taken when using at-home kits to avoid overheating the wax. Wax bath therapy is not recommended if you have cuts, open sores, or inflammatory skin conditions.

      3) How to apply paraffin wax at home?

      To paraffin treat at home, melt paraffin, oil, and essential oils in a double boiler. Once melted, carefully pour the wax into a greased dish and wait for a skin to form on top. Then, apply the wax to your hands or feet and cover them with a plastic bag and towel for 10-15 minutes to create moist, deep heat.

      4) Can the wax in the paraffin machine be reused?

      No, the paraffin wax used in the paraffin wax machine is not reusable. It is recommended to use fresh wax each time and dispose of used wax after a single use.

      5) Can’t I melt paraffin directly on the stove?

      Yes, you can melt paraffin wax on the stove using the double boiler method. However, this method requires a lot of supplies, such as mineral oil, a thermometer, and a timer, and can be time-consuming.

      6) How long does the paraffin leave?

      After applying paraffin, cover your hands with a plastic bag and wrap them in a towel. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes. This allows moist, deep heat to benefit your hands. Then, remove the towel, plastic bag, and cooled wax.

      7) Can paraffin wax be used every day?

      Yes, paraffin wax can be used daily as needed. Without the fear of overuse, this is a drug-free treatment. You can use it as often as needed to relieve pain or moisturize your skin.

      8) Is a paraffin wax machine worth buying?

      A paraffin wax machine may be worthwhile, especially for those seeking relief from joint pain and stiffness such as arthritis. The heat therapy provided by the machine allows you to soak your hands, feet, or elbows in hot wax to provide relief and relaxation.

      For example, I have a client who is a needle roller bearings supplier. Once he invited me to visit his factory, and I found a paraffin wax machine in his office. He told me that because working too hard sometimes causes joint pain, he uses a paraffin wax machine in his spare time to relax.

      paraffin bath

      7. Conclusion

      Paraffin baths are relaxing and therapeutic and can be used both commercially and at home to help you achieve smoother skin while relieving arthritis pain and muscle soreness. While there are a variety of options to choose from, you must consider certain factors such as heat settings, capacity, size, and ease of use before making your choice. Make sure it fits your feet and hands comfortably, has adjustable heat settings, and provides fast wax melt time. If you’re looking for the right paraffin treatment, look no further than Auperwel.

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