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    Wholesale Waxing Supplies FAQ

    We are a manufacturer specialized in Hard Wax Beans, Wax Warmer/Wax Heaters, Waxing Kit, Soft wax, Paraffin wax, Brazilian wax, Hot wax pallets, other hair removal waxing products.

    Please send us your purchase order by Email or WhatsApp, or you can ask us to send you a proforma invoice for your order. Then sign the PI, pay deposit, then we will arrange the waxing goods production. After finished hair removal wax production need you pay balance. Finally we will ship the Goods of waxes.

    From 7-15 days, depends different product and waxes formula, for example hard wax, soft wax, wax warmers, bikini wax, face wax, and on your order quantity.

    Yes, We can custom your logo on our products and package for waxing machine, hard wax, soft wax and paraffin wax.

    We have strict quality control system, in order to ensure the quality of our products, all the finished hair remover waxing products should be checked and tested before packing.

    By T/T, 30% deposit in advance, balance 70% before shipment for hair removal waxes and wax heaters.

    Sure, please contact sales or send inquiry for all kind of hair remover wax sample request.

    Yes, of course, we need many agents all over the world; we can give you the most competitive price and will not sell the same products to others in your area if you become our agent of hair removal wax products.

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      How Do Professional Waxers Work?


      When you go to a salon, it’s normal to expect the best product and equipment quality. Aestheticians know how to cater to client preferences, and brands understand the importance of offering a wide range of products. As such, there is no shortage of options when it comes to professional waxes.

      These specialty formulations are designed to improve workability during wax handling and enhance all the benefits of traditional wax formulations. We will now explain all the characteristics that cosmetologists look for in their products and materials.

      1. About Professional Waxers

      There is a reason professional waxes are not suitable for home use. Professional hair removal treatments complement the skills of a certified esthetician. As a result, there are many unique ingredients that are thrown into the mix to make the wax formulation more effective and closer to the customer’s preference. T

      o qualify as a professional waxer, you’ll need a high school diploma and a cosmetologist or beautician license. As an Esthetician, you must always have your client’s health in mind, as people place their bodies in your hands for treatment, requiring attention, care, and precision.

      Choosing the best wax products and formulations not only represents the best way to start building a reputation in the beauty industry, but it’s also an important step in keeping your clients safe.

      2. Professional Wax

      Body waxes are divided into soft waxes and hard waxes, and professional waxers need to have both options in their business. As a general rule, hard waxes are used to treat sensitive skin areas, while soft waxes are used to treat large areas of skin quickly.

      While this is a great starting point for shopping for a new wax recipe, keep in mind that every product is different. You only need to read the product label to see how the specifications change from one formulation to another. Soft wax formulations with low melting points are a good example because they can safely treat sensitive areas normally reserved for hard waxes.

      Beeswax and rosin are often at the heart of wax formulations, along with natural ingredients rich in vitamins A, C, and E. In some cases, the natural ingredients in professional waxes are hypoallergenic and perfectly complement aftercare. Common ingredients in specialty waxes include:

      • Argan Oil.
      • Cotton oil.
      • Tamanu oil.
      • Lotus extract.
      • Jelly extract.
      • Fruit extracts (strawberry, cocoa, lemon, etc.).
      • Activated carbon.
      • Chamomile extract.

      Professional waxes offer countless benefits to both clients and beauticians. Although waxing can be uncomfortable for beginners, body wax is much gentler on the skin than a razor. In addition to making the skin feel softer to the touch, professional waxes can also cause finer hairs to take longer to grow back, depending on how the individual was waxed.

      Having unwanted body hair treated by a professional waxer can also give people the opportunity to relax and pamper themselves. With professional waxing, clients do not have to worry about uneven results and ingrown hairs, which are common with homemade waxing.

      Before we move on to the next section, we need to remind you that wax isn’t the only product you’ll be using directly on your client’s skin. The best body wax must soothe the treated area and promote healthy skin post-wax with the help of pre-wax and post-wax solutions.

      Combined with specialty waxes, these products will enhance the skin’s natural radiance, provide a velvety texture, defend against sources of infection, and maintain the skin’s elasticity to prevent premature aging.

      3. Materials and Accessories

      Professional waxing is the first thing an esthetician needs to get their hands on, but professional waxing services include many other essentials. Estheticians must be equipped with a hair removal kit so that they have everything at hand, including all the tools they will need for the different parts of the treatment.

      • Spatula: Spatulas and applicators are usually made of wood, but can also be made of stainless steel or plastic. They are essential to use with various waxes to help you apply an even layer to the skin and remove all the hair in one go.
      • Muslim/Non-Woven Strips: The strips are used to remove soft wax after it has cooled on the skin. The standard 3 x 9-inch epilation strips are suitable for treating many areas of the body, but other forms of epilation strips are also available. They can be sold in smaller sizes or in rolls for groomers to cut and customize to their liking.
      • Wax Warmers: Professional wax warmers are equipped with the necessary mechanisms to monitor the wax heating process. You can control the thermostat to just the right temperature according to the specifications on the label and achieve the perfect consistency without overheating the wax. They are more reliable than microwave ovens and traditional heaters and are the best asset in keeping your workstation productive.
      • Hard Wax Pots: Waxing pots are usually made of aluminum, which can withstand constant high temperatures. They also have a handle that attaches to the jar to aid the waxer in their work when manipulating multiple waxing tools.
      • Waxing Cart: The best way to keep everything in a waxing kit without missing any intermediate treatments. The waxing cart comes with a variety of compartments so there is a designated place for every tool. You can keep all your accessories within easy reach without taking up space or blocking people’s paths. Because of this, a waxing cart can also save you energy while keeping your workstation tidy.

      Don’t feel pressured to find the best option from all the products available in the market. To meet your salon’s standards, we deliver the most effective ingredients in all of our hair removal formulas. Browse our online catalog and you’ll find everything you need to perfect your wax equipment, so you don’t have to worry about a less-than-optimum service delivery.

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