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      An Ultimate Guide for Bikini Waxes


      Want to wax your bikini? While it can be daunting to have someone rip your hair out of such a sensitive spot, the smooth feeling afterward is almost non-existent. If this is your first time, don’t worry: the pain involved is often talked about, and although it’s not very comfortable, you might be surprised to find that you’re hardly bothered during treatment. You also have a variety of bikini waxing styles to choose from, whether you want to remove a little hair from important areas or want a complete reset. In today’s guide, we’ll explore the types of bikini waxes and what to look out for, so read on to learn more.

      1. The most common bikini wax styles

      Every salon or spa has different names and prices for very similar services, so do your research to make sure the facility you choose offers the style of bikini wax you want. While the most common bikini wax styles are standard, full body, Brazilian, French, and Hollywood, names can be tricky, and some locations may offer other types. If you’re not sure which style you want, give your epilator an exact description of the area you want hair removed, without leaving a name.

      “It’s important to note that different bikini style names may differ depending on where the hair is removed,” says Gina Petak, a licensed esthetician and learning program manager at the European Hair Removal Center. “It is always a good idea to confirm how much hair you would like to remove with your hair removal specialist. At European Hair Removal Center we offer bikini ranges, full bikinis as well as Brazilian waxing, but you can remove as much hair as you like. Some clients choose to remove all Bikini hair, some choose to leave one.”

      Bikini Waxes

      1) Standard bikini wax

      Waxing the bikini line is also known as bikini waxing, “It removes a little bit of your bikini’s sides and top, anything beyond the regular bikini coverage,” Petak tells us. She recommends it if you lean toward a more modest bikini bottom or prefer to keep more of your hair intact. If you’re nervous about the pain of bikini waxing, here’s a great way to get started: “This service is one of the least painful, as it only requires a few strips of wax, and is one of the fastest to complete, It takes less than 15 minutes,” explains Petak.

      2) Full bikini wax

      This bikini wax style name can be used to describe a wider range of results than other wax styles. “Petak tells us there is no limit to how much hair can be removed in the front of the bikini when you wax it. “So, you can take everything off the front, or leave a specific amount or strip.” It might involve making a more defined “triangular” area and/or trimming the remaining hair. If you still want to keep some hair but want more clarity than a standard wax, According to Petak, a full bikini wax is a good option for those who don’t want to remove hair from behind.

      Similar to how a full bikini wax provides more definition than a standard wax, you can expect a slight increase in the intensity of your experience. “This service can be a little more sensitive than a [standard] bikini line because you’re removing more hair,” Petak explains. “[About] 15 minutes of service.”

      3) French bikini wax

      This wax removes all hair on the front (except for a small strip),” explains Petak. “Unlike a Brazilian, it won’t remove hair on the back. ” You can specify a strip of hair like the one pictured above if you don’t want a full bikini wax. Petak recommends discussing your desired results with your hair removal specialist to make sure you get what you want Results: “At European Hair Removal Center we offer full bikinis and you have the option of leaving a strip in the front so the name may change depending on where you are having your hair removed but this type of hairstyle is very common and many clients do prefer it Keep a strand of hair in the front. “

      Since French bikini wax is a special variation of full wax, the service time is also 15 minutes and the sensitivity is similar. “Choose this wax if you want the area to be super smooth and remove most of the hair, but don’t want to remove any hair in the back,” advises Petak.

      4) Brazilian bikini wax

      You may have heard of Brazilian waxing before as it is one of the most popular options as many people seek the satisfaction of attentive service when undergoing bikini waxing. “In addition to hair removal in the front, hair removal strips are included in the service,” says Petak. “Waxing a butt strip is virtually painless. This is great for a completely naked look, or you can leave a strip [or triangle or square] in front.”

      There’s a reason so many people love Brazilian waxing: “It’s the perfect option to give you the confidence to wear any bikini style this summer, or if you just prefer a completely or nearly hairless front and back,” explains Petak Road. Great if you wear thongs or want the most thorough option. Like full-body waxing and French bikini waxing, Brazilian waxing takes about 15 minutes and has the same sensitivity, she says.

      Brazilian bikini wax

      5) Hollywood Wax

      “Brazilians may leave some hair on, but Hollywood people will take it all off,” Petak says. The European Hair Removal Center and many other salons offer this service under the Brazilian category, so you’ll want to tell your hair removal specialist You want to remove all hair.

      “It is a great option if you don’t want to worry about hair at all,” Petak tells us. “The procedure lasts 15 minutes and has the same sensitivity as a Brazilian bikini wax.” Although it’s not ideal for beginners or those nervous about discomfort, if completely hairless results are your ultimate goal, it’s definitely worth considering.

      2. How to prepare for bikini hair removal

      To ensure a smooth waxing experience with the least amount of irritation, proper preparation is key.  Below, Petak shares her top tips.

      • Stop shaving:  “Before starting any bikini style, you always want to make sure your hair is long enough to be waxed,” Petak tells us. “Five to seven days before treatment, stop shaving. Your hair should be about the size of a grain of rice or a small grain, about a quarter of an inch.”
      • Cleanse and exfoliate the area: To ensure comfort and effectiveness, you want skin in the bikini area to be fresh and clean. “It is important to keep the skin clean,” Petak said. “You can also prepare your skin for hair removal by using a non-comedogenic, mineral-free exfoliant 48 hours beforehand.”
      • Choose comfortable, loose-fitting clothing:  “Wear comfortable clothing that you can easily remove when booking,” advises Petak. “For bikini service, some guests prefer dresses or loose-fitting clothing that can be easily pulled up.”
      • Bring appropriate menstrual products if needed: Those undergoing bikini waxing during their period need to consider the products they use (read: pads and period underwear are not ideal because you can’t leave them on during the service). “When you’re menstruating, you might be a little more sensitive, so you’ll need to use a tampon,” Petak says. Another internally acting product, such as a menstrual cup, may also be suitable.
      • Watch your caffeine intake: You probably don’t want to show up to your bikini waxing appointment shivering from too many cold cups of coffee. Caffeine can increase your heart rate and make you more anxious about your visit, Petak says, so we recommend either avoiding caffeine entirely or sticking to minimum intake.

      Almost anyone can have bikini hair removal if they want to, even if you’re pregnant, you just have to be careful about how you do it. “Services are still available to pregnant women. Just make sure you talk to your doctor because every pregnancy is different,” Petak advises. It’s also wise to consult a medical professional if you are postpartum or have a medical condition that affects the waxed area, as you don’t want to cause infection or over-irritation.

      If you’ve never had waxing done and are nervous, know that it’s a common emotion and the experience will get easier over time if you plan on waxing regularly. “You will be the most sensitive during your first waxing experience because your hair is tougher,” explains Petak. “Waxing pulls the hair out by the roots, so it gets softer and finer each time. By the third time, you won’t even feel it.”

      3. Bikini hair removal post-care

      When choosing a bikini waxing style, base your choice on your desired experience and results, as aftercare will be a consistent factor. “There is no difference in aftercare between styles,” Petak tells us. Here, she explains how to ensure your bikini area looks and feels its best after hair removal:

      • Avoid exercising the day of your hair removal:  “After hair removal, your skin may become more sensitive and your pores may open,” Petak tells us. “Avoid exercising immediately after booking and keep your pores clean.”
      • Minimize exposure to UV rays and chemicals:  “Avoid tanning beds or exposure to the sun immediately after tanning, as your skin will be freshly exfoliated and more susceptible to any environmental factors,” Petak says. “Also avoid entering any swimming pool or jacuzzi immediately as this can irritate the skin.”
      • Wear comfortable clothes: You may want to keep the comfortable, loose-fitting clothes you wear on your date all day, or change into something similar. “Some guests may be slightly more sensitive after their visit, but this should subside within a few hours,” Petak said. “If you are sensitive, wear loose-fitting clothing to avoid any fabric rubbing against the skin.”
      • Use gentle products before and after: To minimize the discomfort of a bikini wax, make sure you’re not using any products that may increase irritation. “Make sure the hair removal products you choose support healthy hair removal,” advises Petak. “Exfoliate with products that don’t leave oil on your skin .”
      • Prevent and treat ingrown hairs:  “Trapped hairs are also called ingrown hairs,” says Petak. “This is where the hair curls and grows back into the skin, [which] can be irritating and painful.

      Bikini hair removal post-care

      4. 15 Things Bikini Hair Removal Technicians Want You to Know

      Let’s be clear: There is no wrong choice in whether or not to get a bikini wax. From Barbie’s hairless look to thick hair ( as celebrities have begun to speak candidly about ), how you groom your hair is an entirely personal decision.

      But if total nudity (or close to it) is what you’re after, there’s no denying that a bikini wax or a Brazilian bikini wax is the fastest, least bumpy way to get smoother results from the waist down. It might be tempting to buy a home waxing kit, but for those new to waxing, it’s best to go to your local waxing spot.

      In other words, it doesn’t matter how advanced your Brazilian art is. There is no doubt that this is a nerve-wracking experience for you. Luckily, we’ve created the ultimate guide on how to prepare for bikini waxing, as well as the best bikini waxing tips. Here, our favorite bikini waxing experts share what they wish they’d told you before you laid on the table.

      1) No one is judging your vulva

      First things first: “Don’t stress about the appearance of your vulva,”  says Spruce & Bond expert Krystal Cordova. “We see all sizes and colors every day. Our job is to make you look better and feel better.” This is a bikini wax, not a pubic hair model audition.

      2) Things won’t be as bad as you think

      Is bikini hair removal painful? If you’re a newbie and expect your pain levels to rival those of Steve Carell’s character in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, know that bikini waxing is certainly not a paid vacation, but It might be better than you think. “When you are entering the room for your first hair removal treatment, the anticipation is the worst part, especially for first-timers,” says Shobha Tummala, founder and CEO of East Coast hair removal chain Shobha. “If you’re seeing a professional, then the surgery itself will be faster and less painful.”

      3) Don’t shave

      seriously. “Hair should be at least a quarter-inch long before waxing,” says esthetician Beata Chyla of Bliss in New York. Any less and the wax won’t have enough hair to grip during removal.

      4) Seriously, nothing is furry

      “When it has been a while since their growth, a lot of clients feel embarrassed,” Cordova said. “Instead of shaving off two weeks of beard, I’d rather wax my entire head of hair. It’s easier for the expert and less painful for you.”

      5) Timing is important

      Avoid hair removal five days before, during, or immediately after your menstrual cycle. “As a result, your body is extra sensitive during this time,”  says Exhale Spa esthetician Angela Marinescu. She adds that if you’re sensitive or this is your first time having hair removed, taking Advil half an hour before your appointment can help. Or you could try these other reader-approved pain relievers.

      6) Drink less

      It’s one thing to have a glass of wine beforehand to calm your nerves. But applying plaster is another story. “Don’t go to an appointment drunk; it will only make your blood thinner and more sensitive to pain,” says Cordova. There’s also the fact that it’s a bit rude. Cindy Thorin, owner of Pink Cheek Salon in Los Angeles, once had a client who was so drunk she didn’t know what to do. “I told her that if she didn’t want to, we had to take off her pants, not her panties,” Sorin recalled. When the woman couldn’t put them down on her own, Thorin had to help her. (Don’t worry—the client came back a few days later to apologize.)

      Bikini Waxes

      7) Wear comfortable clothes to appointments

      Any tight-fitting clothing, like yoga pants, can chafe the spots and make them worse, says New York City dermatologist Kelly Papantonio, MD. So consider maxi skirts, harem pants, and breathable cotton fabrics.

      8) Don’t come straight from a spinning class

      Yes, it’s a good thing for your waxer if you arrive clean and tidy, but it will also help your waxing process go more smoothly. Natural oils, sweat, or body lotion can also prevent wax from sticking. “Keeping it tidy is like brushing your teeth before a dental exam, but more like preparing for your annual checkup with your gynecologist,” Tumala says. “Our rooms are equipped with rose water refreshing cloths just in case.” She notes that the drier the area, the better the wax will adhere and the better the results will be. “If you know you sweat easily during physical activity, there’s a good chance you’ll sweat in your bikini area, too,” she explains. Wiping areas with other natural and completely normal body fluids, such as discharge, is also appreciated.

      9) Pee before your appointment

      If you are nervous, the tension before waxing may cause a tight bladder. “Stop in the dressing room first, because realizing you have to undress and then redress will slow things down and add more trouble to you,” Tumala points out. She says it’s common: “It is common to feel cold after taking off your clothes below the waist for a bikini treatment, which can aggravate the urge to urinate. Also, during certain parts of the treatment, your skin will be stretched so that even gentle pressure on a full bladder can be uncomfortable.”

      10) You have many choices

      You don’t have to go completely naked as there are tons of bikini wax styles to choose from. You can clean just the sides and top ( bikini wax ), you can clean everything but a small section of hair or a triangle in the front ( Brazilian wax ), or you can clean everything – top, sides, and back – removed ( Complete Brazilian). If you’re not sure which one to start with, don’t be afraid to ask your technician. It’ll just be awkward for them if you don’t like the end result.

      11) Dare to speak out

      “If you have a specific idea for what your bikini line should look like, please speak up,” Cordova said. “Transparency is welcome.” Cordova said she and her team can create clean edges “like a tapestry,” or just clean up what’s visible on the outside of the bikini.

      12) Do not exercise after hair removal

      One of the core pillars of after-wax care? You should take a full day off from the gym. “Chafing from tight yoga pants can cause irritation,” Marinescu says. Additionally, “any physical activity should be avoided for 12 to 24 hours after hair removal,” says Cordova. “It is better to bring as little heat as possible to the area.” It may also be beneficial to avoid other sports that are more personal. Esthetician Elana De Damian of Elana De Damian Skin Care recommends taking it easy for at least 24 hours after hair removal.

      13) Refusal to have sex

      This is a fairly standard rule that most waxers will warn you about, but it’s easy to forget. Any behavior there—especially sexual behavior—can cause discomfort. “It can cause excessive abrasions from rubbing against particularly delicate skin,” Grochowska says. Consider turning the first two days into official cuddling time.

      14) Stay away from sunlight

      During the first 48 hours after hair removal, your already fragile skin becomes even more fragile. So while you may be tempted to throw on a bikini after you leave the salon, remember that sensitive skin is more susceptible to the effects of UV rays. “This can lead to permanent sun damage and hyperpigmentation,” says esthetician Marta Grochowska of Haven Spa in New York.

      15) Resist the urge to do recon work after waxwork

      “If you develop ingrown hairs after hair removal, don’t remove them,” Cordoba advises. “Let’s take care of it together.” The risk of scarring and infection increases if you pick at an ingrown thing with your nails. “Under our nails, there is a lot of bacteria,” she says. If you can’t get it back on the epilator, an ingrown hair treatment such as Anthony or Fur can help safely resolve the problem, as can gentle exfoliation of the area three days after hair removal.

      Bikini Waxes

      5. Conclusion

      When it comes to finding the right bikini wax shape for you, there are a variety of popular pubic hair styles to choose from. While you may be curious about current bikini line enhancement trends, the shape you pursue is ultimately a personal choice. Whether you choose a standard bikini wax, a completely hairless Hollywood wax, or something that hair removal wax in between, just remember to follow proper precautions before and after waxing for the best results.

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