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      Laser vs. Waxing: What is the Difference?


      5000000. This is the total number of hair follicles each person has at birth, from the top of their head to pretty much everywhere else. Over the course of a lifetime, most women will spend 72 days (or approximately 1,728 hours) removing unwanted hair. What about men? They spent another 45 days removing beard and neck hair.

      At this point, you’re probably tired of looking in the mirror and seeing hair here, there, there. Not to mention, your hands may be tired from the days of your life spent shaving. If you’re looking for a better hair removal solution, you’ve most likely already looked into options like laser hair removal and waxing. But which one is best?

      Today, we’ll compare two of the most popular methods of hair removal: waxing and laser hair removal. Both are very effective methods of hair removal, but the process, pain levels, and results of each method vary greatly. To find out which method is best for you, read on for a complete comparison of laser vs. waxing.

      1. How is waxing performed?

      Waxing is a hair removal solution suitable for both men and women. In this method, hair is removed from the root. This is done by applying sticky wax to the skin. The wax is usually removed along with the hair using a piece of cloth. Since waxing helps remove unwanted body hair from the roots, it keeps your skin hair-free and smooth for longer. It also helps avoid the possibility of cuts, cuts, or injuries, as well as stubble which is common when shaving. Waxing also helps eliminate dead skin cells. Waxing can be done with hot wax or cold wax. People with skin allergies, hemophilia, or diabetes, as well as people with sunburn, rashes, or any contagious skin disease, should avoid hair removal.

      When done correctly, traditional waxing essentially pulls unwanted hair directly from the follicle. While this will keep the skin smooth for up to six weeks, new hair will usually begin to grow in just a few days. Since the hair follicles in the dermal layer of the skin remain intact, all unwanted hair will eventually grow back.

      Laser vs. Waxing

      2. How does laser hair removal work?

      Laser hair removal is not only one of the most long-lasting types of hair removal on the market, but it is also one of the only FDA-approved procedures that directly targets the source of hair growth beneath the skin. It uses highly concentrated energy to emit light pulses that ultimately render the hair follicles unable to produce more hair.

      Once the hair follicles are destroyed, unwanted hair will stop growing in the treated area. Treated hair begins to fall out one to three weeks after each treatment, and most patients see results immediately after their first treatment. Less hair will grow back after each laser hair removal session until the area is completely hair-free, stubble-free, and stress-free.

      Waxing leaves the hair follicles intact, while laser hair removal specifically targets the hair follicles so the hair cannot grow back. The technician can first numb and cool the area to be treated. A laser is then applied to the area to heat and destroy the hair at the root.

      Because hair grows in stages and not every hair is laser removed in the first treatment, laser hair removal requires multiple treatments to achieve full results. However, the results of laser hair removal can last for months or even years with minimal regular touch-ups.

      3. Advantages and disadvantages of waxing


      One session of hair removal is much cheaper than laser hair removal. However, over the years, the cost of waxing treatments can add up to be more expensive than laser treatments. Waxing is universally suitable for all hair types, skin types, and skin tones. There is no difference in skin or hair color or texture, which makes waxing a good option for people for whom laser hair removal may not be effective. It is best to have waxing performed by a professional, but it can also be done at home.


      Pain is a real part of the waxing process. When hair is pulled out, especially in sensitive areas, it can be painful. When waxing, the hair roots are not destroyed but pulled out of the hair follicles. The hair grows back, possibly causing ingrown hairs. Waxing doesn’t always result in hairless skin, as it can only be done on hairs that are a quarter-inch long. Since the wax needs to grab the hair to be pulled out, the hair needs to regrow between waxes. It can also be time-consuming and require waxing the same area every few weeks. Waxing may damage sensitive skin.

      4. Advantages and disadvantages of laser hair removal


      The main advantage of laser hair removal is the long-term results. While the results many people see are permanent, others can enjoy hair-free skin for months or years. Laser hair removal is a quick and painless process. Laser exposure only takes a few minutes at a time. The treatment is safe and does not cause any long-term damage to the skin. Performed by certified laser technicians, even people with sensitive skin can use this hair removal treatment. It can be performed on any part of the body, except the area near the eyes. It’s also much less painful than waxing and feels similar to a rubber band against the skin.


      Light-skinned and dark-haired people are best suited for it. People with dark skin or light hair may not achieve optimal results. Laser hair removal is also much more expensive than a single hair removal session. However, since this is a long-term method of hair removal, the cost will decrease over time. The treatment also requires multiple sessions to destroy the hair follicles. Hair needs to be at a certain stage of growth for this process to occur.

      Laser vs. Waxing

      5. Laser hair removal vs. waxing: which is best for you?

      Now that you know the basics of these popular hair removal procedures, you may be wondering which option is best for you. So, we’ve summarized the key features of laser hair removal versus waxing to help you decide which procedure suits your unique goals.

      1) Treatment area goals

      Both laser hair removal and waxing can target unwanted hair anywhere on the body, from the face and chest to the back and bikini area. However, it’s worth noting that larger treatment areas often cause more discomfort than laser hair removal.

      Also, if you choose to wax at home, it goes without saying that it is not possible to remove all the hair on your back or bikini area alone. Shaving the area is also cumbersome and time-consuming. Laser hair removal can permanently eliminate hair in the treated area.

      For example, I have a friend who is a floor drain supplier. She is so busy at work that she can’t make time to go to the beauty salon regularly for waxing hair removal. So she opted for laser hair removal, which keeps the treated area hairless for a long time.

      2) Preparation work

      When performing laser hair removal and waxing, the hair shaft must be intact, so tweezers should not be used in any step of the preparation. In contrast, with laser hair removal, you should shave the treatment area within 24 hours before your appointment so that the laser can easily target each hair follicle.

      With waxing, preparation can be a little more time-consuming and, depending on the area being treated, more cumbersome. Don’t shave for at least two weeks before your waxing appointment, even if that means not touching peach hair or stubble. However, the hair in the treatment area must be at least a quarter of an inch before it can be waxed, so be prepared to trim longer hair if you want great results.

      While you’ll want to avoid harsh products like retinol, benzoyl peroxide, and salicylic acid before either treatment, feel free to exfoliate before either treatment. A gentle scrub, loofah, or brushing mitt is ideal for loosening existing ingrown hairs and dead skin cells before your hair removal appointment.

      Although traditional hair removal services may provide you with numbing cream, this is uncommon. Wax that is too hot can cause painful burns, while wax that is too cold can cause significant irritation, neither of which is pleasant (especially on sensitive areas like the face). Not to mention, traditional wax can contain artificial ingredients, fragrances, and colors, which are all potential allergens.

      Laser vs. Waxing

      3) Process and safety

      When it comes to laser hair removal versus waxing, laser hair removal is considered a safer experience. A numbing cream is usually applied to the treatment area, and the worst pain is often described as the sensation of a rubber band pulling through the skin. Additionally, all laser hair removal treatments are performed by highly trained medical professionals using state-of-the-art technology.

      4) Ingrown hairs

      An unfortunate side effect of waxing is the proliferation of ingrown hairs. Waxing can cause embarrassing regrowth because the hair is pulled out in the opposite direction to the hair follicle, disrupting the hair’s normal growth trajectory. Ingrown hairs occur when new hair growth fails to break through the surface of the skin.

      Laser hair removal does not cause ingrown hairs because damage to the hair follicles does not bend the hair follicles.

      5) Recovery time

      There is no significant difference in recovery time between laser hair removal and waxing. Both procedures typically use cooling gel or aloe vera after treatment, and the treated area should be kept out of direct sunlight. However, since waxing does not destroy hair follicles, you risk developing painful ingrown hairs, stubble, and irritation that laser hair removal does not.

      6) Duration of results

      Waxing will leave your skin feeling smooth, but it rarely lasts longer than a month. Those who wax need to do it once a month to maintain results. Hair removal is also most effective when the hair has grown back 1/4 inch. This requires an awkward wait between appointments.

      Laser hair removal provides longer-lasting results than waxing. Some patients may require quarterly or semi-annual maintenance as new follicles can produce hair due to changes in hormones or age.

      7) Final total cost

      In the short term, waxing appears to be less expensive than laser hair removal, as a single session of waxing is generally less expensive than a single session of laser hair removal. However, the results of waxing must be maintained monthly, which will definitely add up over the course of a year.

      In comparison, laser hair removal has a higher initial cost. However, the cost of laser hair removal has dropped significantly because most patients only require minimal touch-ups. Therefore, laser hair removal is a cheaper option in the long run as it provides near-permanent hair removal.

      6. FAQ

      Here are answers to frequently asked questions about laser hair removal versus waxing.

      1) How effective is wax hair removal?

      The hair follicles are pulled out from their roots, which in some people can lead to permanent ingrown hairs, which are painful and unsightly.

      Taking care of your skin by moisturizing and exfoliating during waxing will often help; however, if you are prone to ingrown hairs, then I believe laser hair removal is the perfect solution for you.

      2) Why is laser hair removal better than wax hair removal?

      Waxing vs. laser hair removal or laser vs. waxing – the battle continues! Waxing and laser hair removal are both effective in their own ways when it comes to treating unwanted body hair. The benefits of laser hair removal over waxing outweigh those of waxing. In the choice between laser and hair removal, laser is the better choice because it not only provides a long-term solution to the problem of unwanted body hair but is also much less painful than hair removal. Laser hair removal also eliminates the problem of ingrown hairs because it completely destroys the hair follicles. Clearly, when laser hair removal is compared to waxing, the former is the winner.

      wax hair removal

      7. Conclusion

      The above is a comparison between laser hair removal and wax hair removal. Do you understand the difference between them? Then, based on the above content, you should be able to choose the hair removal method that suits you. If you are interested in waxing hair removal, please contact Auperwel and we will give you the perfect hair removal solution.

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