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    We are a manufacturer specialized in Hard Wax Beans, Wax Warmer/Wax Heaters, Waxing Kit, Soft wax, Paraffin wax, Brazilian wax, Hot wax pallets, other hair removal waxing products.

    Please send us your purchase order by Email or WhatsApp, or you can ask us to send you a proforma invoice for your order. Then sign the PI, pay deposit, then we will arrange the waxing goods production. After finished hair removal wax production need you pay balance. Finally we will ship the Goods of waxes.

    From 7-15 days, depends different product and waxes formula, for example hard wax, soft wax, wax warmers, bikini wax, face wax, and on your order quantity.

    Yes, We can custom your logo on our products and package for waxing machine, hard wax, soft wax and paraffin wax.

    We have strict quality control system, in order to ensure the quality of our products, all the finished hair remover waxing products should be checked and tested before packing.

    By T/T, 30% deposit in advance, balance 70% before shipment for hair removal waxes and wax heaters.

    Sure, please contact sales or send inquiry for all kind of hair remover wax sample request.

    Yes, of course, we need many agents all over the world; we can give you the most competitive price and will not sell the same products to others in your area if you become our agent of hair removal wax products.

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      Make A Bikini Wax Less Painful

      The Best Way To Make A Bikini Wax Less Painful


      When we think of painful waxing, bikini waxes are probably the first thing that comes to mind. Bikini waxing has become so popular that many people flock to salons during the summer months that specialize in waxing the bikini area. It doesn’t change the fact that bikini waxes are among the most painful wax treatments. To that end, various hair removal products are infused with soothing properties that help remove hair without exposing the skin to painful pins and needles, but they only work without the touch of a professional groomer. Since most clients will value options that minimize the discomfort of a bikini wax, it is important that you familiarize yourself with all the proper techniques and formulations available when treating such sensitive areas.

      Does a bikini wax hurt more?

      The standard practice for a bikini wax is to remove the hair around the pubic bone, including the sides, front, and back. Depending on the amount of hair you’re dealing with, a bikini wax may also be applied along the inner thighs and the skin below your belly button. These are notoriously sensitive areas; when it comes to areas where the skin is so thin and delicate, minor discomfort in any other part of the body can easily become a constant source of pain.

      There are a few techniques to ease the pain of a bikini wax. A pre-wax treatment is basically a way to prepare your skin for waxing, so you have to take the time to make sure your skin is properly moisturized and exfoliated. The entire procedure can be more painful for the client if the skin is too dry or if there are dead cells left in the area. However, for those who are sensitive to pain, there are other ways to make a bikini wax more bearable. If you want to learn how to take the pain out of a bikini wax, here are some helpful tips to help. Some of these tips are things you can do during treatment, while others are for clients to follow before and after treatment:

      1. Numbing cream/pain reliever

      If your client is a novice or has a low pain tolerance, they can choose either of these options to help relax the body prior to waxing. In addition to relieving the client’s pain, the numbing cream also makes the skin more pliable. Remember: Your skin must be cleansed of any residue before applying the wax, so be sure to wipe off any leftover cream after you let it work on your skin. Pain relievers such as Advil, ibuprofen, or aspirin can also do the trick if you feel the numbing cream is too dirty. Both options take effect after 30 to 40 minutes, so your client should be ready by the time you start waxing.

      2. Make sure the wax is cool enough for the skin

      Wax that is too hot is uncomfortable in all circumstances, but very dangerous when applied to the pubic area. You can check the temperature of the wax on your wrist/hand at any time, but remember that the bikini area will always feel hotter when you apply it. Be familiar with the heating time of your wax products, otherwise, you can easily take some skin off.

      3. Check the length of the hair

      When the hair is long enough to stick to the wax, it doesn’t take as much effort to come out, which obviously makes the waxer less painful. Make sure the hair around the bikini area is between 1/2 and 1/4 inch in length.

      4. Cold compress and soothing lotion

      These are the basic items you must have on hand, especially if you’re dealing with a client’s first bikini wax. After waxing the skin, you can press a cold compress on the area to numb the pain and reduce itching. Meanwhile, the soothing formula helps skin heal faster and acts as an ideal addition to waxes as they leave skin silky smooth, firm, and radiant. Aloe vera, vitamins, rose water, and vitamins A, E, and F are all commonly used ingredients in post-wax treatments.

      5. Post-care

      Skin must be cared for within 24-48 hours of a professional waxing session. While it’s easy to protect the vulva from excessive sun exposure, the friction from exercise and clothing fabrics can easily irritate newly waxed skin. Here are some suggestions you can give your clients to avoid rashes, redness, and infections: They should avoid tight clothing and only wear soft/loose fabrics for a few days. Physical activity of any kind, as well as trips to the beach/pool, should also be postponed.

      If your clients want to show off their sleek bikini line, they should wait at least 48 hours before going to the beach, which is something they must keep in mind when scheduling an appointment. A person’s first bikini wax can be quite painful, but that also brings one of the advantages of a regular waxing regimen: the pain is lessened with each new session, and the hair around the bikini line becomes thinner over time. more and more sparse.

      To do this, however, one would have to give up the razor entirely. While it may be tempting to shave some hair after 3-6 weeks, waiting for your next waxing appointment is the best long-term option. Over the years, we have developed a line of state-of-the-art hair removal products to suit all skin types. Our experts are on hand to recommend the best wax products for bikini waxing and treating other sensitive areas.

      You can contact them toll-free or fill out the contact form on our website to see how our products can ease the pain of a bikini wax. Sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest news and tips. Let us know if you found this article useful in the comments. Again, feel free to share it using the share options below. Want us to introduce another topic related to hair removal products that interest you? If so, please like and follow us on social media, and post to any of our social media profiles what you want us to discuss.

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