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    Wholesale Waxing Supplies FAQ

    We are a manufacturer specialized in Hard Wax Beans, Wax Warmer/Wax Heaters, Waxing Kit, Soft wax, Paraffin wax, Brazilian wax, Hot wax pallets, other hair removal waxing products.

    Please send us your purchase order by Email or WhatsApp, or you can ask us to send you a proforma invoice for your order. Then sign the PI, pay deposit, then we will arrange the waxing goods production. After finished hair removal wax production need you pay balance. Finally we will ship the Goods of waxes.

    From 7-15 days, depends different product and waxes formula, for example hard wax, soft wax, wax warmers, bikini wax, face wax, and on your order quantity.

    Yes, We can custom your logo on our products and package for waxing machine, hard wax, soft wax and paraffin wax.

    We have strict quality control system, in order to ensure the quality of our products, all the finished hair remover waxing products should be checked and tested before packing.

    By T/T, 30% deposit in advance, balance 70% before shipment for hair removal waxes and wax heaters.

    Sure, please contact sales or send inquiry for all kind of hair remover wax sample request.

    Yes, of course, we need many agents all over the world; we can give you the most competitive price and will not sell the same products to others in your area if you become our agent of hair removal wax products.

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      Types of Wax : What’s the Best Option for You?


      Hair removal treatments are great for removing unwanted body hair without harming the skin. This is a valuable attribute, especially when it comes to the most sensitive areas of the body, where the risk of infection is ever-present. Professional Waxes provide this sense of security, along with other benefits, that keep skin soft and glowing for hours after a session.

      When it comes to intimate hair removal, two treatments are at the top of most people’s minds. While most of us have heard of Brazilian waxes and Hollywood waxes, it’s so easy to confuse them that many people don’t know the difference. This is due in large part to the variety of options offered by different salons and spas, many of which categorize intimate waxes so clients can choose what they want.

      Starting with a standard bikini wax and working your way up to packages that sometimes pair Brazilian and Hollywood waxes with other treatments, all of these options vary depending on the number of body parts a client wants to be waxed in one session and the expected duration of the treatment.

      1. What is a Brazilian wax?

      A Brazilian wax removes most of the pubic hair and waxes the bikini line, belly button line, and buttocks area. It leaves just a thin strip of hair on the top of the pussy, similar to the inverted triangle of hair a bikini wax leaves after removing all the hair around the thighs.

      2. What is Hollywood wax?

      Hollywood wax does not leave any hair spots. It removes all pubic hair on the front and thighs, all the way down to the cracked butt. It waxes everything from front to back, so it’s the most thorough choice for intimate areas.

      3. What do privacy waxes have in Common?

      Both Brazilian waxes and Hollywood waxes fall into the category of intimate hair removal. When waxing these areas for the first time, the skin needs to become accustomed to the wax. For example, waxing your pussy for the first time is more painful than waxing your legs.

      Also, some clients may feel uncomfortable if they are not used to the requirements of an intimate wax. For your first waxing session, estheticians do not recommend jumping straight into a Brazilian/Hollywood wax. Clients have to sit/lie down in specific positions for several minutes at a time, and the beautician needs to be in close contact with their private parts to ensure precision and avoid skin damage.

      This is why it is so important for an esthetician to create a pleasant environment that is both attractive and organized. In the end, it’s safer to let a professional take care of your intimate areas, since you won’t be able to touch these areas of your body on your own without compromising the accuracy of the wax.

      You can trust your beautician to remain professional and put your safety first. Both wax treatments have other things in common, such as pre-wax and post-wax requirements:

      • Hair needs to be between 1/4 and 1/2 inch in length before waxing.
      • Customers will need to wash and remove the area in advance.
      • Clients need to avoid direct sunlight, friction, and physical exertion for 24-48 hours after waxing. Tight clothing, exercise, and sexual contact should be avoided during aftercare.
      • Cooling pads and post-wax calming oils rich in natural ingredients can go a long way in soothing post-wax skin.
      • Professional waxing services include sanitizing products before and after waxing, but clients should still take care of their skin to avoid infection. At the same time, they should also stop using artificial beauty products.
      • Clients should avoid booking wax treatments during menstruation and for a few days after menstruation stops.

      What’s more, in all cases, you can expect hair to grow back within three to six weeks. Just like the stinging from your first waxing session will lessen with subsequent waxing sessions, as you continue your waxing sessions, the hair will also take longer to grow back, thinner, and easier to pull out.

      4. Should I go for a Brazilian wax or a Hollywood wax?

      At the end of the day, the two treatments are very similar and their differences have more to do with the client’s aesthetic preferences. You may want to start with a standard bikini wax to see how your body responds to the sting before moving on to waxing the rest of your vulva.

      Keep in mind that the skin is more sensitive there, and removing pubic hair can make it more susceptible to infection if you ignore it after one session. Post-wax care is always important, but it really is essential to a successful Brazilian/Hollywood wax.

      Our experts have worked for decades to bring the best hair removal results, formulating groomers across America. We have products for every preference, and we’ve perfected our waxes to soothe all skin types, So you can always expect the best results from Brazilian and Hollywood waxes.

      If you are interested in making our products part of your salon, we would be happy to provide you with more information, please call our toll-free number or fill out the contact form on our website to get in touch with our experts. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter Newsletter, get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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