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    Wholesale Waxing Supplies FAQ

    We are a manufacturer specialized in Hard Wax Beans, Wax Warmer/Wax Heaters, Waxing Kit, Soft wax, Paraffin wax, Brazilian wax, Hot wax pallets, other hair removal waxing products.

    Please send us your purchase order by Email or WhatsApp, or you can ask us to send you a proforma invoice for your order. Then sign the PI, pay deposit, then we will arrange the waxing goods production. After finished hair removal wax production need you pay balance. Finally we will ship the Goods of waxes.

    From 7-15 days, depends different product and waxes formula, for example hard wax, soft wax, wax warmers, bikini wax, face wax, and on your order quantity.

    Yes, We can custom your logo on our products and package for waxing machine, hard wax, soft wax and paraffin wax.

    We have strict quality control system, in order to ensure the quality of our products, all the finished hair remover waxing products should be checked and tested before packing.

    By T/T, 30% deposit in advance, balance 70% before shipment for hair removal waxes and wax heaters.

    Sure, please contact sales or send inquiry for all kind of hair remover wax sample request.

    Yes, of course, we need many agents all over the world; we can give you the most competitive price and will not sell the same products to others in your area if you become our agent of hair removal wax products.

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      Hard Wax Remove

      Hard Wax On The Skin: How To Remove It?


      Over the past few decades, specialty wax products have skyrocketed in popularity, especially hard body waxes, becoming the favorite choice when it comes to ensuring a luxurious waxing experience. In addition to being highly effective, hard waxes can also be safer for people with sensitive skin and low pain tolerance, so one can expect more complex treatments when specialty hard waxes are part of the mix.

      The wax is removed properly to avoid breaking your skin, and that is what makes them such a pleasant experience. Burns, redness, and blood spots are all relatively common mistakes after peeling the outer layers of skin, so mastering all the best wax removal techniques is important for successful waxing. The main difference that separates hard wax from other wax products is that groomers don’t need to use strips to remove the wax from the skin; they can grab the wax itself and pull out all the hair.

      This allows for greater precision but also makes the removal process more difficult for a layman. However, one thing all types of wax have in common is a very specific consistency that can make or break an entire treatment. Before you even think about ripping off the wax, make sure you’re using the correct wax temperature to successfully remove all the hair.

      1. The correct way to use hard wax

      When it’s time to apply wax, follow the direction of hair growth. Make sure the wax is evenly applied to the skin, otherwise, it will be difficult to remove it all. The wax layer needs to be very thin, as the consistency should already be thick enough to hold all the hair firmly. Once you’re happy with the results, twist your wrist to leave a small flap when you reach the edge of the layer. Wait a few minutes for the wax to cool down, then peel it off in the opposite direction of hair growth.

      By holding the flap taut with one hand and then soothing the area with the other, you can grasp the flap with your dominant hand. Now that you know how to remove hard wax from your skin, let’s talk about other important details. First, hard waxes can be applied multiple times to the same area because they are specially formulated for a gentle treatment that ensures only the hairs stick to the wax. This means you can repeat the application process if you don’t manage to rip out all the hairs on the first try. With a pair of tweezers, you can pull out a few hairs at the root without wasting wax if you only get a few.

      Hard Wax Remove

      2. Remove excess wax

      Once you get used to the consistency of hard wax, it’s not difficult to get a clean finish, but you may still have some wax residue from time to time. If you’ve already managed to remove all the hair from the area, there’s no point in repeating the tearing process; it’ll just cause unnecessary pain in an already sensitive area. Depending on the tools you use, there are several ways to remove these wax patches.

      First, you will need to loosen the wax using hot water, petroleum jelly, or natural oils. For the latter, make sure to check your clients for allergies that may be triggered by the oil components. After letting it sit for a while, simply wipe off the wax with a cool compress or cotton pad.

      3. What happens if I don’t remove the wax properly?

      Let’s start by saying that hard body waxes always affect the skin in some mild way. Once the hair is pulled from the root, the pores are exposed, so it is normal for the skin to be a little swollen, and the effect will last for hours after waxing. This is why you must take extra care to ensure that you are seeing normal results from the treatment and not skin damage that requires special attention.

      1) infection

      Even if you use the correct technique to remove the wax, it’s a real risk that can wreak havoc on the skin if proper after-wax care isn’t in place. Poor waxing techniques only make it easier for dirt, bacteria, body fluids, and other external factors to infect the skin. Itching, redness, and extreme swelling can all be signs of a skin infection.

      2) Allergy outbreaks

      You should always ask your clients about their allergies up front, but it’s still possible for them to have a skin condition they’re not aware of. Don’t let your guard down if your skin doesn’t react the first time you touch the wax. Ask clients to be honest about how they feel throughout the treatment and instruct them to continue looking for anaphylaxis during recovery (the first 48 hours after treatment).

      Hard Wax Remove

      3) Bleeding

      On its own, bloodshed is nothing to be alarmed about. In fact, this is normal when waxing certain areas of the body with thinner skin. It should only involve small drops of blood, though, and never take more than a few minutes. If you notice that the wound is large, or bleeding continues for a long time after the wax is removed, you will need to disinfect the skin and encourage the client to seek medical attention.

      4) Ingrown hairs

      The logical result is when hair is not properly removed from the pore. As the name suggests, ingrown hairs are hairs that continue to grow under the outer layer of skin until they form a bump around the area. They’re annoying and visually unappealing, so if you want customers to visit repeatedly, make sure you avoid causing problems.

      When it comes to hard waxes, people expect the best ingredients and most powerful properties to enhance the skin’s natural beauty. This and more are guaranteed with our exclusive range of hard body waxes. We have all the options to enhance your salon’s services, so please don’t hesitate to call toll-free or fill out the contact form on our website. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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