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      How to Remove Hair Removal Wax from the Carpet

      How to Remove Hair Removal Wax from the Carpet


      DIY hair removal can be a hassle, but it’s even more troublesome when body wax soaks into your carpet. Improper removal can tear the carpet or leave unsightly stains. Stubborn wax can usually be removed using a combination of household products. In today’s guide, we’ll tell you how to clean up hair removal wax spills on your carpet. If you’re struggling with this issue, read on to learn more.

      1. Gather all necessary tools and materials

      To remove wax from your carpet, you’ll need to use some common household items, including:

      • steam iron
      • zippered plastic bag
      • Ice or something frozen (you can even use peas, meat, etc.)
      • terrycloth or similar
      • A dull knife (for example, you can use a butter knife)
      • Commercial carpet cleaner (rubbing alcohol can also be used)
      • Vacuum cleaner

      Remove Hair Removal Wax from the Carpet

      1) Let the wax cool

      Place a plastic bag or ice bag filled with ice cubes over the candle wax stain. You can also opt for dry ice if you want to freeze the wax faster. Whatever you use, make sure it’s in a bag or some kind of container so it doesn’t get the carpet wet. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes before proceeding to the next step.

      A bag of ice will help solidify the wax so it can easily separate from the carpet.

      2. How to remove hair removal wax from carpet

      Here are three ways to remove depilatory wax from the carpet.

      1) Use a butter knife

      1. Don’t put water on the waxWater will only make it worse. It prevents the wax from drying out and allows it to penetrate deeper into the carpet fibers.
      2. Put some ice cubes in a plastic bag. You will use these to cool the wax, but make sure not to get the wax wet. Using a plastic bag will prevent moisture from penetrating into the wax, thus preventing the wax from drying out.
      3. Rub the wax with ice cubes. Do this until the wax is completely cool and no longer soft. If you need a little extra power, you can use wart-freezing spray. This can be found at most local pharmacies. Just spray it on the wax and let it harden.
      4. Scrape away the wax with a butter knife.  Hold one side of the blade toward the carpet and gently pull it up toward you. Be careful not to see through carpet fibers as they may become frayed. Do this a few times to make sure you remove as much wax as possible with the knife. Using a dull blade reduces the chance of permanent damage to your carpet, such as wear and tear.
      5. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the wax clumps. The wax will flake off under the butter knife. To ensure that the wax flakes don’t run off and become a problem again, vacuum them immediately.

      2) Use an iron

      1. Heat the iron. You should set your iron to the lowest setting, not the steam setting. A lower setting will reduce the chance of scorching the carpet and, importantly, there will be no steam. By doing so, the wax will not be melted back into the carpet by moisture. (Practice ironing an old shirt if you’ve never used it before. This will ensure you don’t scorch the carpet. The hair dryer can be used if you don’t have an iron.)
      2. Use a barrier to transfer wax. Barriers should be white cloth, white paper towels, cardboard, or paper bags. (Do not use paper bags or printed cardboard. Ink may transfer and stain the carpet.)
      3. Place the barrier over the remaining waxThe barrier should be cleaned and cover the entire stain.
      4. Place the iron on the barrier. Gently press the preheated iron against the barrier of your choice and begin moving the iron in a circular motion. The wax underneath the barrier will begin to melt and transfer to the barrier. (Never leave the iron lying face down for an extended period of time, or you may burn the carpet.)
      5. Iron the barrier as needed until the wax is gone. This may need to be done several times, depending on the amount of wax spilled. Have extra clothes, towels, cardboard, or paper bags ready. Apply a clean barrier each time until all wax is completely transferred and no residue remains on the carpet.
      6. Use mild oil to remove any remaining wax. Baby oil or vegetable oil will dissolve any remaining wax residue, then blot with paper towels.

      Remove Hair Removal Wax from the Carpet

      3) Remove residual stains

      1. Use rubbing alcohol. Use a small amount of rubbing alcohol and dab the area as you don’t want it to dig into the carpet and loosen the fibers.
      2. Wipe away stains. Use a white cloth to gently wipe away the stain. This may need to be done several times. It’s done when no color comes off the fabric.
      3. Rinse gently. Moisten the sponge with water and use gentle circular motions to clean the area.
      4. Blot dry. Use a towel to gently blot whatever you can. It is important that the area is not soaked, but do not scrub the area as this will distort the fibers.
      5. Dry the carpet. To begin drying, you should cover the freshly waxed area with a clean towel. Then place the weight on the towel. Let these sit overnight. The towel will absorb any remaining liquid so it doesn’t settle on the carpet.
      6. Remove the weight and replace the lid. Once the weights and towels have been placed overnight, remove them and allow the area to air out. vacuum. Once the area is airy and dry, you can use a vacuum cleaner to straighten any fibers that have been flattened by the weight and bring them back to normal.

      3. Frequently asked questions

      Here are answers to frequently asked questions about how to remove hair removal wax from carpet.

      1) What can dissolve wax in carpet?

      You can use a commercial solvent designed to remove oily stains. It may also be possible to break down spilled wax with rubbing alcohol. However, this product may not be suitable for all types of carpet fabrics. Before treating any stain on the surface, you should test it on a small, invisible area first.

      2) Is the wax on the carpet easy to fall off?

      In some cases, it’s easy to get candle wax from your carpet, especially if you act quickly after an accident. One of the easiest ways is to use a hot iron and a regular pack of ice cubes. You’ll want to let the wax freeze, then use a clean towel and the steam setting of your iron to absorb the hard wax. Alternatively, you can use a hair dryer instead of an iron to heat the wax and separate it from the carpet.

      3) Can boiling water remove wax from the carpet?

      Yes, boiling water may help soften the wax and remove it from the carpet. But it must be below the boiling point, otherwise, it will not work. Other ways to remove wax stains from the carpet include using an iron, hair dryer, dry ice, or commercial carpet cleaner.

      4) Can baking soda remove wax from the carpet?

      Using baking soda alone may not remove wax from your carpet. You first need to use heat to absorb the wax. You can then use baking soda to remove any remaining wax. This home remedy can also help you clean stains like red wine and coffee stains.

      5) How to remove depilatory wax from the carpet?

      You can remove hair removal wax from your carpet using the same methods as freezing and ironing. Place a damp towel over the wax and fold it in half. Set the iron to low and press it to the towel for 10 seconds. As the carpet heats up, the wax is drawn out and absorbed by the towel. Continue until all the wax is removed. Allow the carpet to air dry, then vacuum thoroughly to remove any loose particles.

      Remove Hair Removal Wax from the Carpet

      4. Conclusion

      The above is how to remove depilatory wax from carpet compiled by Auperwel for you. Of course, you can use these methods to remove other carpet stains as well. Based on feedback, these methods are very effective and you can try them. If you have further questions, please contact Auperwel.

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